Juxtaposed; Good Sleep for Skin

By Jo Phillips

The announcement that US scientists, Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young, have been awarded the 108th Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discoveries on the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms  (our 24 hour body clock) is super interesting when it comes to skin care. First reported in 1984, the trio’s research revealed how all living organisms synchronise their internal clock with the rotation of the Earth, a process which has been hard-wired at a cellular level over millions of years of evolution. Since then, the scientific community has become increasingly aware of the implications this has for human health, establishing an inextricable link between our body’s in-built biological rhythms and our relative wellbeing. When we disrupt these rhythms, it causes a disparity with our external surroundings that can result in negative health outcomes; and it’s upon this very principle that This Works founded its pioneering range of 24-hour skin solutions.

This Works was founded by international journalist and beauty expert, Kathy Phillips, in the UK in 2003. It was created by Phillips as an antidote to modern life, its impact on skin and wellbeing she saw that women wanted cleaner skincare that cut out unnecessary chemicals without compromising on performance.  The result was and is a collection of high quality, efficacious products that deliver on promise without using unnecessary chemicals. This Works was among the pioneer brands to replace sulphates, phalates, GMOs and parabens with safer alternatives.

The brand are experts in  ‘beauty sleep’ and understand how critical it is for healthy, beautiful skin.  Skin’ has its own 24-hour body clock (or circadian rhythms) and that this has a direct impact on the skin. Circadian Rhythm comes from the Latin meaning approximately a day and it can be described as the changes in human behaviour and physiology that occur within a 24-hour period. Indeed, research has shown that these internal clocks control our mood, energy levels, hormones and skin health as well.  This is  science of Chronobiology applied to their  skincare where they have identified four zones over a 24-hour period and created a range of skin solutions that work either to support or compensate for the natural processes taking place within the skin.

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There is the night phase where greta skin starts as we all know with a wonderful nights sleep, the wake up stage, when skin is most susceptible to damage from UV rays and the environment.   Throughout the day your skin’s hydration levels, oil production and DNA repair will fluctuate, this along with your lifestyle will dictate the targeted skin support you need. And finally back to the evening.  As the prelude to sleep, skin is most able to absorb topical skincare, cleansing your skin thoroughly paves the way for night-time skincare products to work at their best, hours before bedtime.


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