Juxtaposed: Illuminum Lines Up Across the Pond

By Jo Phillips

Illuminum lounge 2

For those of you unfamiliar with contemporary British fragrance brand ILLUMINUM, fear not because its presence has just gone stateside for the first time, in New York City’s esteemed Henri Bendel store nonetheless, so there’s ample opportunity for lovers of fine scents to refresh themselves with the quality of Illuminum’s 32 scent offerings both sides of the pond.

illumUsing the intimacy of ILLUMINUM’s flagship fragrance lounge in London as a template, the American store looks set to replicate and create an oasis of fragrance in the heart of NYC. Abstaining from typical retail design, ILLUMINUM’s lounge is more like a concept store within a store, and will be focused on helping New Yorkers to find, not only rare and exclusive fragrances, but that other rare and elusive dream: time to relax.

If however, you find the states a little too far to travel in search of the right perfume for you, then why not go and immerse yourself in the luxury, and soak up the knowledge of the scent guides at the Illuminum lounge on London’s Dover Street.

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