Juxtaposed: Magical Quintet – Chantal Acda

By Pascal Ebner

Chantal Acda

What happens when musicians from all over the world come together and unite their skills? The answer is Chantal Acda’s upcoming album “Let Your Hands Be My Guide”, the result of great teamwork. The serene sounds, found on the album, were created by German pianist Nihls Frahm, cellist Gyda Valtysdottir from Iceland, multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, musician Shahzad Ismaily and of course Chantal Acda.

The new album is filled with sounds that are just perfect for the upcoming Winter – sensitive, thoughtful and calming at the same time – almost like an escape from the busy city-life. “Let Your Hands Be My Guide” is not only music that will make you daydream but also relax with songs that lead you through their stories and let you do the visualization.

Some may say too many cooks spoil the broth but Chantal Acda and her music crew are living proof that collaboration in music can have tremendous results. Thus, make sure to have a listen to all of the nine new songs featured on the album. Below the video you can find another track by Chantal to get an even better insight in this symphonic sound.

Have a look at the video for “Arms Up High” by Chantal Acda:

More tunes by Chantal Acda:

You’d like to hear more of Chantal Acda and her fellow musicians? Go over to Chantal Acda’s official website, Facebook, Twitter and Gizeh Record’s Soundcloud. The new album “Let Your Hands Be My Guide” will be available from 11 November on via Gizeh Records.

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