Juxtaposed: GRAY GARDEN

By Jo Phillips

The growth in fashion film is undeniable, and here at .Cent we celebrate these  creatives, established as well as emerging talent. We particularly enjoyed Marni’s latest video, as well as  the last Fashion Film Festival who’s creator and founder is the infamous Diane Pernet (ASVOFF – A Shaded View On Fashion Film). This year’s 6th edition winner is London College of Fashion student Gsus Lopez, with his “This Melts” created for the new edition of the university’s own “Pigeon and Peacocks” magazine.

Fashion and film combined create a brilliant juxtaposition, which is what we love! More .Cent collaborations on our TV channel.

THE GRAY GARDEN produced by Marni_Lab features the labels Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection. Shot in black and white we are feeling nostalgic reminiscing about the decoration of the Marni show as we are emerged in a cross between the real world and a fantasyland.


The Marni girls are encapsulating the seriousness of this collection with a quixotic attitude as they shine, fade, appear and wonder off through this single set frame. The frame is also juxtaposed with the set within as the backdrop provides a gate enabling the Marni girls to appear and disappear as they please in this imperturbable garden.


The strong artistic direction is pertinent throughout, as we are shown a contrasting pop of color every now and again that draws us back to the reality of an incredible collection with precise cuts and bold statement pieces. The music also reinforces the drift from the real and the surreal in an undisguised lingering movie that projects the brands inspiration for this collection “where the wild things are” playing with striking fur pieces.


Lets go find these wild things in Marni’s GRAY GARDEN.

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