Juxtaposed: Moving to its own Beat

By Jo Phillips

Ruifier AW13 collection

Music. Time. Heart. Jewellery. Pulse.

Feel like there is an odd one out in this list of rhythmic options?  Thanks to new British fine jewellery brand RUIFIER and it’s cleverly designed Kinetic collection, jewellery can now be included in the list of items which have a rhythmic beat.

An industry first, the Kinetic collection has been some 2 years in development and design, in order to enable the featured stones to move to their own rhythm, floating completely of their own accord within their casings – something which has never been seen or tried before.

Below is an example of the stunning Praecipula piece using kinetic energy to move:.

RUIFIER, headed by creative director Rachel Shaw, features a strong design influence and originated with the concept of making ideas and fantasies come to life. (Ruifier is a play on the old English word Reify – to create a tangible item from an idea).

The debut range features 2 collections: Kinetic and Static, and looks set to be one to watch over the next few seasons – if not just for its visually arresting work.

Ruifier Jewellery

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