Juxtaposed; The Smell of Water

By Jo Phillips

In 1992 Issey Miyake launched his first perfume.  Now being the early ’90’s we were all in the height of all things conceptual, much of which was driven by the Japanese aesthetic of modernity and simplicity.  When Issey gave the brief to the perfumer for his first foray into scent the brief was make it smell of water…VERY of its time. L’eau D’Issey certainly became one of those perfume ‘moments’ a perfume that went on to inspire a whole gamut of watery scents.

Twenty five  years on and carrying the idea forward of watery fragrance is still new and fresh so along comes Issey Miyake with yet another water driven scent.  This time not so much about purity and simplicity but of masculine power, strength and movement, think salt, wind, wood, so meet L’EauMajeure d’ Issey.

The design is of course refective of the scent with a brushed metal cap recalls both the texture of moving water and a glass flagon reflecting a piece of glass washed up on the beach; weather-beaten by the elements. The perfumers AurОlien Guichard and Fabrice Pellegrin draw their inspiration from the power of the ocean with a striking, soaring accord of salt and  innovative wood note, so the scent starts with Bergamot and  fresh grapefruit which are  suffused with salt and minerals whilst finishing on  ambery woods notes and  softens at the end  with velvet cashmere notes.

So lay back and imagine yourself on a deserted beach listen to the crash of the waves and smell the turbulent water sea spray and driftwood.


L?eau Majeure D?Issey ED_100m l_£61_House of Fraser 2jpg



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