Juxtaposed: Well, well, well… Man.

By Jo Phillips

With the weather well and truly biting us literally in the face, we took to wondering what’s available in terms of skincare for the boys so that they too can be preparing for the Winter chills.

Step forward the Ultra Energising Face Wash from Wellman Skincare Technology. Wellman face wash

Launched by Vitabiotics (Best known for their supplements and vitamins), following their advanced expertise and research into male skincare, the end result is the development of this new premium skincare line (WST).

The face wash contains aloe vera, vitamin b3, arginine as well as salicylic acid to help regulate moisture balance, soothe irritation, prevent bacteria and protect the skin. We gave it to one of our sartorial chaps in the office to test out and here’s what he said:

“The face-wash literally leaves my face feeling awakened as if I’d taken a cold plunge pool dip – but in a much nicer way, and visibly energised. In a little over a fortnight it has really helped soothe my skin, particularly after shaving. The gel-like texture feels great on my skin in the mornings.”

Also available from Boots as well as via Wellman’s online store, check out the rest of the range here:
Wellman ST

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