Juxtaposition: By Virtue a Clever Design

By Jo Phillips


The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. 

– James Allen

I’m sure James Allen believed calmness was as effective for a woman as it is for a man. In fact to be kind, calm and brave are some of the oldest and simplistic goals we should all have.

Unfortunately for the majority of us life gets in the way of accomplishing these simple daily goals.  It might be a heavy deadline, a family crisis or financial woe or any number of inconsequential happenings that occur throughout our day. In an ideal world we would be able to control our inner self through a mantra or through a guided meditation phone app ( I have definitely tried the latter). The truth is that we don’t live in an ideal world  and so anything that can help us to stay focused on staying calm, being kind and brave can only be  a good thing right?

The School of Life is a cultural enterprise that that aims to develop emotional intelligence.  I have been to a couple of talks at their HQ in Russell Square and they are interesting, intelligent and unpretentious.  As well as talks they have published a number of books and now they have collaborated with Momiji to create three virtue dolls “to remind you of your better self”

Inside each doll there is a small folded card for your own handwritten message, dream or wish. Once written  simply place your virtue doll somewhere in clear view to remind you to of the virtue you have chosen. It’s the juxtaposition of ancient virtues in our modern day lives, it’s basically mindfulness packaged up in a cleverly designed bundle of cuteness. They are instant classics and we are channelling our virtues in the .Cent office.

Here’s our little guy below  Ommmmmmmmmmmm…. calm calm calm ……




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