Juxtaposed: Paris is Burning

By Jo Phillips


MFK-Ligne Noe?l Bougies PArfume?es-LDIt is fair to say at .Cent we love a candle. So a box set of three beautifully scented and packages candles will always tick our boxes.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian has created a box set of three white mini candles which interestingly juxtapose the scent of both gingerbread and Iris. How very festive!  Each candle is decorated with a Kurkdjian silhouette of  a Paris monument and the candles create a scent even when  unlit.

That these candles are so beautifully designed and and an olfactory pleasure is no surprise as Francis Kurkdjian has been a perfumer  artist for over 20 years, he has pushed many boundaries such as creating gigantic olfactory installations in emblematic spaces.   Maison Francis Kurkdjian opened in 2009.





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