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By Nolwenn Cailly Travers

The year is 2022, climate change is at the heart of every discussion, temperatures are rising, oceans are too. How can we engage for a better future? Some brands are truly working for global change. ISKO is one of them a denim brand which is important because fashion is one of the most polluting sectors according to the information we have on sustainability and carbon footprint. Read more here in Kinder Denim

In an era where buying one t shirt can cost only three to five pounds in fast fashion shops, consumption has never been higher. Obviously, the fact that we buy these clothes has a big impact. With cheap fashion , we know there is an issue somewhere; workers are underpaid, exploited alongside poisoning the earth. Yet we continue to buy fast fashion knowing this?

However, some brands are optimistic about the future and tend to do the best they can. Many solutions are available to consumers; second-hand clothes, in thrift shops, on apps such as Vinted or even renting clothes. Letting clothes have a second life can be a good option. But what if we want new clothes?

Can we produce new clothes, new collections while reducing our impact on our climate as well as buying from brands with an ethic work policy?

That is what ISKO offers. New clothes, quality, and, of course, sustainability. It seems ISKO has joined the great value our future is looking for. ISKO is extending its selections by listening to the needs of its consumers. Denim is a fabric that is rarely climate-friendly when it comes to other brands. So ISKO decided to be the role model and the leader of the sustainable denim industry.

The Balloon Jean is flying in a studio thanks to red balloons.

The ecosystem seems to be at the core of the company. In fact, if there is no more ecosystem, there is no life. That is as simple as it is and ISKO understood that.

Collections which we recall are also concerned about the whole process of production of their products but also about the following events, such as the moment we have to dispose of. It shows how important it is for ISKO to use good sources of materials such as reused denim. In fact, The Balloon Jean and The Carpenter Jean both have 71% of recycled fabrics. It looks unreal, but more than half of these pieces are made from reprocessed textiles!

The feeling of these two shapes is a throwback to the ‘80s. The large fits make the jeans super soft and casual. We observed a variety in our range of jeans shapes. We think of dad’s jeans, mom’s jeans, regular, boot cut. Each type of denim comes back to offer more diversity.

The Balloon jean is larger than the Carpenter but both of them look comfortable. The Carpenter also have lots of pockets adding a very practical design element to the jeans.

There is no exploitation during the production of the products, neither of the planet nor the workers. The brand is creating a healthy environment, and what we are paying for is ethical production values.

ISKO wants to support new brands too. They encourage companies to develop their own initiatives with the clothing industry. The motto “We need to do better” is probably what describes the brand.

If you are interested in looking at the products offered by ISKO, click right HERE.

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