Knits in Bloom

By Jo Phillips

Jylle Navarro AW 2013 Collection Show With My Bad Sister
Jylle Navarro A/W 2013 Collection Show With My Bad Sister. Image courtesy of Jylle Navarro.

Knitwear blooms in colourful ways through the unique and unorthodox knitwear designs by London-based alternative knitwear designer Jylle Navarro. The Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection is her second collection. It comprises of oversized garments, embellished pieces and accessories inspired by all things around her and all things she loves. Playing with colour and combination using unconventional materials, the collection builds on intricate techniques from hand knitting to machine knitting to macramé.

‘It starts off by what is happening now with other artists in different fields,’ explains Jylle. ‘I feel like this huge alien/future/neon/protest theme running through a lot of things such as Pussy Riot, Spring Breakers, Die Antwoord and all the new Bowie mixed together.’

Jylle Navarro AW 2013 Look Book
Jylle Navarro A/W 2013 Look Book. Image courtesy of Jylle Navarro.

What is seen is striking texture and sci-fi silhouettes influenced by what she calls the ‘supernatural, shape-shifting creatures, dripping substances and “other worldly‟ elements’. The natural flow of a piece is maintained by using the same type of yarn, yet the non-conformism nature of the piece is retained through experimenting with colours, adding in silver and gold for fine detail.

‘With my asymmetric shapes, layering, fringing, draping, and use of neon brights, I’m continuously pursuing the boundaries of bold artwork, diverse statement pieces and a daring approach to knitwear.’

The Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection was presented at Cult Mountain, East London, where the highly visible collection is unveiled to the public through a special performance by My Bad Sister.

Fun and frivolous. The edgy electric energy of the brand never fails to spark intense reactions amongst the crowds.

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