Lady: A new day, a new parfum

By Jo Phillips

What better way to celebrate “Lady” by reviewing all the different characters of current capturing perfumes.

Interestingly, perfume bottles have been considered an art form since ancient times. It was even regarded as valuable as the perfume itself! Historically, perfume bottles have appeared in all shapes, sizes and materials, even varying from culture to culture. The early Egyptians created perfume bottles from wood and clay, while the ancient Greeks created hand painted animal-shaped vases, and the Romans used hollowed out precious stones to hold their precious perfumes. Nowadays, it seems nothing has changed. Each perfume holds an individual style, concerning the bottle, and scent which is equally loved.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Glam’ Edition (2015).

Originally, “Classique” by Jean Paul Gaultier made its debut in 1993 in a groundbreaking, unique body shaped bottle with voluptuous, opulent curves, armed with a satin corset. The bottle represented a female, both busty and sexy based on Madonna and the bottle of Schiaparelli Shocking.  Standing tall, asserting powers of seduction and unabashed femininity, the woman embodies power, strength and greatness. This mirrors the evolution, presence and notion of women today. As the antithesis of how the femininity is depicted in traditional perfumery, the Classique woman is sensual to the extreme.


In 2015, the “Classique” icons are transformed into divas. In the privacy of their dressing rooms, the two stars slip their stunning bodies into glittering sheath dresses: pink for “Classique” and gold for “Classique” Intense. Just before going out onto the stage, they glance at themselves in the mirror… They are sexier and more glamorous than ever, radiant and ready to unleash their charms.

The curtain rises and reveals their bewitching fragrance.

For “Classique”: flowers (neroli and rose) mingle with spicy ginger notes. From the opening notes, the scene is captivating, enthralling. Vanilla makes a dramatic entrance, voluptuous, on a velvety thread of amber wood.

For “Classique” Intense, tiare flower nestles in an overdose of gourmand notes. Wafts of orange blossom, vanilla and patchouli then make their entrance, playing the role of irresistible sensuality.

The stage is set for a grand finale. A standing ovation for “Classique” and “Classique” Intense, Glam’ Edition.


Botanical Essence No. 20 Eau de Parfum by Liz Earle

From one perfume to the next- the new Botanical Essence No. 20 Eau de Parfum by Liz Earle, who collabrated with Grasse-based perfumer Domitille Bertier, illustrates how perfumes are able to encompass every aspect of everyday life. This new scent was created in honour of their 20th birthday this year. Infused with gorgeous, feminine sophistication, it resonates with a heart of Damask rose- the most opulent, romantic and quintessentially beautiful of all flowers.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.20 Eau de Parfum Review (3)

The fragrance not only is over 87% derived from natural ingredients, but it is also housed in a fully recyclable glass bottle of classic design and classic gold letters. Inspired by a journey to the sunny plateaus of Isparta, Turkey to observe the ancient ritual of harvesting the treasured, precious Damask rose at daybreak, they set out to depict the rose plant entirely, fusing three different qualities of rose extract in her final, exquisite blend.


Narciso Rodriguez eau de parfum for her l’absolu  

This perfume is nothing but an intoxicating interpretation for her- an elegant fragrance, with a sensual and mesmerising trail. It captures infused jasmine and patchouli-sandalwood accord. Housed in a bottle with a new and intense aubergine interior to ooze more mystery. Originally inspired by ancient Chinese snuff bottles, the bottles in Narciso Rodriquez’s are nothing but a form of artwork.

For her l’absolu is both universal and personal. Both inspired by modern femininity’s profound evolution and duality. The goal was to capture a more powerful intensity without becoming overwhelming. The concept of this perfume was to encapsulate a woman’s strength, passion, grace and beauty, while also celebrating her vulnerability which in an addictive composition is both timeless and timely.


Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom.

The extreme, wild and passionate British landscape was the inspiration for these two new perfumes. The moment in time when the land encounters the sea and wild energy explodes. Where dramatic landscape meets the restless ocean in an eternal caress; the pure, wild elements are infinitely inspiring. The two fragrances transport you to a world of majestic landscapes, of unceasing movement and energy. Penhaligon‘s celebrates the drama of nature with two new creations, for men and women.

These two fragrances, composed by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, explore the lands of Scotland, United Kingdom. While Blasted Heath encompasses an assertive masculine character, Blasted Bloom is filled with a natural majesty and soft femininity.

Blasted Heath, like the swell hitting the shore, opens with an Aquatic burst of invigorating freshness, whilst clary sage provides an intense contrast. Texture is given to the fragrance in the base by a smoky tobacco and whiskey accord, assertively masculine yet softened with the warmth of patchouli and Alaskan cedarwood and finished with musks.

Blasted Bloom, instead includes a scent of wild berries with the mineral purity of an Aquatic accord and the sensation of hand-crushed green leaves. The heart of hawthorn, eglantine and shimmering pink pepper gives way to the wood, moss and musk tones in the base.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris. Aqua Vitae forte, eau de parfum

And of course how could we talk about perfume without mentioning our guest editor for this issue of .Cent magazine! His new intense fragrance of desire embodies the power of life. It simply awakens the memories of intense emotion that arise from the fusion of bodies- the encounter between water and sun.



Aqua Vitae forte radiates a sensation of freshness. Mandarin from Sicily, bergamot and lemon from Calabria are fused elegantly with a trio of spices- cinnamon from Ceylon, cardamom from Guatemala and pink Szechuan pepper. If you want to dive into the memory of a long warm summers day, when the sun rays caress your warm tanned skin then this is the fragrance for you.


Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club Eau de Cologne

Acqua Di Parma is a noble brand that is the quintessential art of Italian living; sophisticated, well-cultured, elegant. The fragrance is created for the active man, always on the move, who loves to devote his free time to his greatest passions. The classic soul of colonia in a composition that is open to modern and elegant suggestions. The bright, assertive, exquisite shade of green bottle symbolises identity, a membership and a well-defined style.


The fragrance has a sophisticated freshness of mint, combined with neroli oil and precious musk notes. The dry and woody accents of Haiti vetiver, combined with a rich grey amber accord make up the perfect base for masculine, dynamic, sophisticated tones of the scent. The bottle it is housed in mirrors the informal and well-groomed attire of its members, with its hand-made cylinder-shaped case and its cap feature.


Van Cleef & Arpels Ambre Imperial eau de parfum

The house of Van Cleef & Arpel‘s perfume collection is an exquisite collection of rare and luxurious fragrances. This fragrance was inspired by a dreamlike journey through the Orient. It is a celebration of one of the most luxurious ingredients in perfumery.


Precious and luxurious, Ambre Imperial leaves a sensual, voluptuous scent in its wake. An addictive perfume, it evokes the riverbanks of a legendary East with its delicious amber fragrances. Sensual amber is glorified by the precious aromas of benzoin, vanilla and rosted tonka bean whilst bergamot and pink pepper add a charismatic freshness. Ambre Imperial is a unisex oriental spicy fragrance. It is apart of the Collection Extraordinaire range, and it is just that- extraordinary.


James Heeley Phoenicia extrait de parfum

This new creation is an imagery of a journey through Phoenicia. It is inspired by this ancient land of the Southern Mediterranean coast that once stretched from Lebanon, through Israel, North Africa and Cyprus to Southern Spain.


Notes of dates and dry raisons that lie at the heart of the Phoenicia extrait de parfum are accompanied by incense and exotic, rare woods, reinforced with notes of smokey birchwood and Javanese vetiver. Phoenicia is a noble, luxurious fragrance that breathes the warmth and refined wealth of the ancient civilisation. But in the characteristic manner of Heeley perfumes it bears an elegant, contemporary edge.


Hugo Boss, pour femme Le jour and La nuit


Hugo Boss Pour femme La Nuit is a dazzling fragrance inspired by the little black dress. It is an feminine and sensual fragrance with an unusual dazzling facet. The opening of the fragrance is tempting and radiant, just like a glass of cool champagne. Juicy White Peach adds a lively, fizzy character with am enticing sweetness.

The Hugo Boss pour femme Le jour was inspired by the Hugo Boss woman who is successful, elegantly composed and on-the-go from the moment the first light of the day arrives. A spritz of Boss Jour pour Femme allows a moment of indulgence every morning to inspire her for the day ahead. This perfume is based on three key facets: The ‘light facet’ is reminiscent of the first light of the day; the ‘inspiring facet’ adds colour to whatever the day may hold and the ‘elegantly composed facet’ mirrors feminine inner strength.


DKNY Be Desired Parfum


DKNY Be Desired features a new floral element. The lush and creamy sensual tones are infused with a green floral direction. The scent instantly draws you in with a sparkle of orange oil combined with tart blackcurrant an dewy violet leaves. The iconic apple bottle symbolises the fresh apple; ripe and fresh. So step into the hidden urban gardens of New York City, feel the rush as you surrender to the seduction of your stimulating surroundings. Abandon all your inhibitions as you succumb to the tantalising invitation to experience the delicious and addictive new fragrance by DKNY: DKNY Be Desired.

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