LADY: Adult Colouring Books!

By Jo Phillips

There has been a massively fun trend floating around and everyone has been talking about it. Can you guess what it is? Thats right, you said it, colouring books for adults! Not only are we able to get away with colouring, a stigma which is associated with childish behaviour, but this notion of using our imagination to colour has been proven to be a stress reliever. What can better than being able to revisit your childhood (a complete stress-free period to say the least!) as well as relieving stress from the pressures of adulthood? 

9781840917215 (1)‘Now it’s your chance to be the designer, and to colour in your own versions of the latest looks – you can choose to follow the descriptions of the original garments or create crazy new colourways of your own”. – Iain R. Webb 

The Vogue Colouring Book gives everyone the unique chance and fulfil their utmost desire of being  a fashion designer.  Every little girls dream! The book features hand drawn artworks, by Iain R Webb, which were inspired and taken from actual images from British Vogue in the 1950’s. The 1950’s is an era known for the glamorous and elegant style featuring the classic hourglass figure. The book is an exploration of every woman’s dream wardrobe with opulent dresses, dramatic accessories and fancy but structured women suits. The Vogue Colouring Book is officially released on November 5th 2015, so get your colouring pencils ready and don’t miss out on this dashing book. Don’t forget to share your designs and hashtag them using the hashtag #TheVogueColouringBook.

12181946_10208449326489602_296918619_nIf you want something completely different you could try the ‘Lost Ocean’ colouring book by Johanna Basford which is almost enchanting and takes you on an embellishing journey of the hidden secrets and gems of the underwater world!

Immerse yourself in this groovy trend, pick up your coloured pencils and let yourself get lost in this beautifully enchanting world of colouring!


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