Lady: Boden’s Iconic-wear

By Jo Phillips

When trying to define Fashion, contradictory words burst into minds: Moving yet constant, one fact is though certain- Fashion is in perpetual evolution. The centuries are witnesses of the great changes human kind has experienced, hence fashion being the mirror of those transformations.Therefore, it seems rightful to mention that clothing carries history, culture and we would even dare to say Identity!

This is exactly what Boden‘s Icons collection is all about. Bringing up and revisiting the British fashion heritage , from its classical style to its rebellious legacy, Boden echoes on everything that mold the Brit Culture. Therefore,.Cent chose to introduce those six iconic garments, adding some lifestyle tips  for you to stay ahead in the fashion stakes :

1/ The Spitalfields Coat

The Spitalfields is perfectly build to face Britain’s rough winter! Comfy yet flossy, its oversized shape and its belted waist are almost like the promise of a better place- Away from the cold!

Where to wear: Like its name indicates, it has to be worn in Spitalfields most Iconic pub-The Pride of Spitalfield! Rustic and welcoming, it is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional British ale.

: Alone at the bar? Not quite! The outfit couldn’t be well finished without a touch of Brit Literature. And what more British than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s intriguing stories about Sherlock Holmes! Savor this Iconic book in an Iconic Coat.

2/ The Chelsea CoatChelsea-Coat

Its perfectly tailored shape and its flourishing colours, ultimately reflect Chelsea’s refined borough. Chic yet modern, the Iconic coat recalls memories from King’s Road’s fashion, all the way back to our beloved swinging London

Where to wear : After a hard and exhausting morning, by pounding the pavement of King’s road, you and your Coat deserve an exquisite lunch at the Gallery Mess. Hungry for divine art and succulent cuisine? This is the right place for you. Located in the sublime Saatchi Gallery on King’s road, the restaurant offers great food, whilst exhibiting some of the Gallery’s contemporary art.

Read: When wearing such an Iconic and fashionable coat, “Stitches In Time” by costume historian Lucy Adlingthon, is a must read. More then just knowing How to wear a piece of clothing, a true Lady exactly knows What she is wearing.

3/The Hyde Parkaboden-parka-upload-large

In honor to London’s iconic Park, Boden created the luxurious Hyde Parka. Its combination of sumptuous mohair and wild fake fur, reinvents the Mod’s anorak, perfect to wear on any occasion.

Where to wear: The Hyde’s camouflage colour could make you want to loose yourself in the Park’s greenness, however this Parka isn’t ready to hide. Therefore, the Speaker Corner is where you have to be. Iconic for its politic regroupments and well-known speakers, this corner is a synonym of liberty of speech. Take the opportunity to make yourself heard, and your Parka seen.

Watch : Need inspiration for your speech? Or simply want to know more about Britain’s first feminist movement-which started in the Speaker Corner-? Well, run into your nearest cinema to watch Suffragette, a historical drama directed by Sara Gavron.

4/The Brigadier skirt

Boden-Icons-Brigadier-Skirt-£149At first glance, the skirt’s shape looks smartly strict: mid-length with beautifully designed red silk linings. However, when observing closely, The Brigadier does look smart, but Hell it is sexy! With its spiky split at the front, it is accurately reflecting Britain’s 7O’s controversial and rocky style .

Where to wear : What better to do on a Sunny Sunday, than to go see the changing of the guard? With the sexy-military style that the Brigadier offers, you will surely attract more than one tourist !

Listen: Rebel and unconventional, let your Skirt scream “God save the Queen” and vibrate to the Sex Pistols guitar!

5/The Belgravia Dress


Perfectly balanced, between modesty and avant-garde, The Belgravia Dress will never let you down. Rather then showing too much, it is showing just enough of skin to push all kinky thoughts into intoxicating bohemian dreams.

Where to wear: Playful and colourful, Boden‘s dress has to be worn in a place that would reflect its vibrant aura::My bohemian World- Neal’s Yard Salad Bar is the place, where you and your Dress, will be enjoying a meal in a florid and gaudy atmosphere. At the image of true poetic souls.

Listen: It is hard to capture the free spirit of the Belgravia dress, however Queen- well known British Band- certainly did. Listen to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and make your dress boogie to the melody of you fantasy.

6/The Soho Blouse


The perfect slogan for the Soho blouse would be “Good girl gone wild”. Demure during the day, it mutates at night into an unstoppable dancing queen!

Where to wear: To make the most of your Blouse, and to make it fully happy, you have to take it out (not off) ! Club 49, Iconic Soho’s disco, is the perfect place for it! Queuing, drinking, dancing, flirting – give your Blouse the chance to live an unforgettable night in the Iconic party borough.

Watch: Hangover after this crazy night out ? Stay in and watch 24 Hour Party People, a film directed by Michael Winterbottom. Give your Soho blouse some rest and take a trip into Britain’s whacky music history.


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