Lady: Fashion Skills

By Catarina Wilk

Ladies, you know the drill: dressing up, dressing down, choosing an outfit for fancy occasions, playing around with different textures, colour patterns and materials or simply putting together your everyday outfit; without any doubt, fashion is fun for many of us. However, fashion seems to be one of those things in life that the majority of people takes for granted. Bought by billions of people every single day, fashion is fast-living. Nonetheless, it is not only a simple item of clothing hanging in your closet. No, it is definitely not!

In fact, the term Fashion itself implies much more – every detail counts and has a specific meaning. For instance, did you know about the way (Western) clothing has changed over time? What did people used to wear during a specific decade? Can there also be seen differences when it comes to gender, class and people’s lifestyles that have developed over the past centuries? And what about cultural varieties? As you can probably tell, there is so much to write about in terms of fashion and its development throughout the centuries. So here we go!

All of these questions mentioned above and many more will be answered in Stitches in Time. To be precise, it takes clothing’s historical aspects into account. Due to Lucy Adlington’s absolute passion for these fashion phenomenons and her many years of conducting history workshops and presentations for numerous museums and educational institutions, the author’s main interest lies especially in fashion’s evolution (or even revolution if you asked me) and major changes of the beginning of the 20th century.

What did women (and men) used to wear back in the days? What was considered as chic and sort of ladylike? From knickers to socks, shirts, gorgeous dresses, handbags, to swimwear, suits and extravagant hats, this extraordinary book written by costume historian Lucy Adlington discovers fashion from a very unique angle and reveals the deeper layers of the term Fashion.

One can describe this fantastic hardcover as an exciting time journey through the world of fashion with all its specific characteristics and strong distinctions over the years.




‘Beautifully illustrated throughout, and crammed with fascinating and eminently quotable facts, Stitches in Time shows how the way we dress is inextricably bound up with with considerations of aesthetics, sex, gender, class and lifestyle – and offers us the chance to appreciate the extraordinary qualities of these, our most ordinary possessions.’ Further, ’Stitches in Time is a lively and 
idiosyncratic history of clothing. It is a stylish tour of the most important developments and the most interesting oddments in the history of fashion, from ancient times to the present day, and is crammed with fascinating and eminently quotable facts.’That being said, it is now your turn to get your exclusive copy. The hardcover will be published by Randon House Books on the 15th October 2015!


Do you fancy even more fashion-related books or are you a fashion student dreaming of a successful career as a fashion designer? You are searching for useful tips and tricks to build up your knowledge, you want to stand out at school and you are also looking for inspiring quotes from well-known fashion people that help you to make it through a busy day of studying? Well, Ezinma Mbonu’s Fashion School Survival Guide might be a very nice addition on your bedside table.
 This book reveals the deeper layers of the term Fashion. From theory to practice if you want to put it that way.


The guide itself is packed with 100 useful anecdotes, and short handy tips that help you to make the most of your studies and to succeed at fashion school. Ezinma Mbonu gives a lot of short, but very precise advice that surely make a difference when you follow and take them by heart.
On top of that, the guide features beautiful illustrations by Anna Hammer and Ayako Koyama to make it even more fun.




So for all of you who are interested in this colourful adviser, it will also be published in October 2015.

There you have it. Two wonderful fashion-related books coming out in October for all fashion ladies in the world! Be inspired by beautiful images, highly interesting content and make the most out of it!

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