LADY: This is….

By Jo Phillips

There is a funky new major art series that takes a completely different approach, which displays art history in an extremely visual fashion. Part of the book in the series are: This is Kandinsky, This is Goya, and This is Monet.
This is Monet is by Sara Pappworth and illustrated by Aude Van Ryn. Claude Monet, who is also known as the leader of impressionists, had a specific painting style that depicted a big revolution in terms of art. Throughout his life he was compelled by the penetrating urge to paint, and produced astonishing art even in his 70’s and 80’s. His abstract painting style and significant colour use is still extremely influential and has continued to influence other generations.

This is Goya is by Wendy Bird and illustrated by Sarah Maycock. The artistic exploration begins with the theme of modern art. And who else to talk about but the designated king of modern art, Francisco Goya! He was one of the first artists that began creating art for purely his own benefit. He lived in a time period of social and cultural enthusiasm, where the concept of a social hierarchy began to crumble. This is apparent in his paintings, as he features his own observations of all aspects of humanity. His art is beyond the time period he lived in, and his expressive art was the driving force behind the modernist art movement.

This is Kandinsky is another book from the series, written by Annabel Howard and illustrated by Adam Simpson. Kandinsky was described as a man of many contradictions; loyal but selfish, intellectual and emotional. The Russian painter chucked his auspicious academic career and pursued his passion to paint quite late in his thirties. Kandinsky was credited with history’s very first abstract painting, however, it was his beliefs and theories that had an undying impression on the way people understood and appreciated art.

“These lovely-looking books explain complicated ideas and histories with wit and great cunning”- The Observer

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