Lady: Women & Art

By Jo Phillips

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This month Sketch presents the second part of the very widespread and popular monthly Creative Talks. This consists of informal dialogues between renowned women in the creative industry. This serves as an intimate insight into the dazzling minds of women who have greatly influenced art and design. Confirmed speakers are Camille Walala, Ilse Crawford, Bethan Laura Wood and Patrizia Moroso. The relaxed ambiance of this event will empower the audience to absorb up-front what motivates, inspires and motivates these innovative women in the design industry.
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Similarly, Karen Millen’s Autumn 2015 campaign is a series of twelve captivating portraits of women starring Jamie Bochert, Rosie Lowe and Quentin Jones. ‘Desirability, confidence and ease exudes from these personality capturing portraits. The cast was styled by Cathy Kasterine and shot by Yelena Yemchuk.

12177905_10208409179405950_1724522322_nJamie Bochert moved to New York City when she was only 17 years in hopes of becoming a dancer, however she took the modelling industry by storm in 2003. Though she soon vanished from the fashion industry and focused all her strength into music and went soul-searching. In result of her journey Bochert is now a self taught musician, singer and songwriter.

12170659_10208409179365949_1842489146_nRosie Lowe is a Devon-born Londoner who has been making music with what she calls her ‘twisted soul’. Lowe is a jazz-trained singer-songwriter with a distinct flavor for electric tunes. She has released some singles and has released her debut album in September 2015. Lowe’s live performances, where an all female band accompanies her, are equally as mesmerizing as her recorded songs with the sound of her exclusive and soulful voice.

12170389_10208409179205945_1769470483_nQuentin Jones is an illustrator, artist, photographer and filmmaker. She is known for her eccentric stop-motion animation, which is advocated by, may fashion brands and art institutions all over the world. She has a very unique and quirky perspective in regard to fine art and takes a modern stance on surrealism, which sets her apart in the competitive world of fashion.

Women, like the ones featured above, are taking the world by storm and leaving their personalised stamp on the world!

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