Landscape of the Soul

By Jo Phillips

The Mediterranean is seen by many of us as a tranquil escape whether it be to holiday or to up sticks and leave the dusty, busy city life for a more genteel lifestyle in Greece, Italy or Provence in France. Not only do we think of golden sun splashing waves, sunny sands but wildflowers flora and fauna not reminiscent of many a home town. With these memories comes to mind scent, one of the most powerful ways to export us. Didn’t get to the med this year? then why not travel there via your sense of smell. Find out more in Landscape of the Soul

Think holidays in beach locations with grasses and wildflowers growing, sprouting excited to be alive and vibrant in their homeland. A homeland made more beautiful by the glowing sun, that golden orb that for many sums up your trip and the sea breeze that washes over and gives rest bite from the heat. Maybe it’s the unusual plants that bear fruit, like the exotic prickly pear or even the more common trees of citrus that echo the bright citrus of the sun. Does this paint a picture of a Grecian holiday for you? Then meet Ilio, the Greek word for sun, this limited edition eau de toilette from diptyque summer collection, also available as a hair mist.

Ilio captures the very essence of summer in a bottle. Think of a waft of soft warm air mingling with flowers and fruit trees. Here is a celebration of Prickly Pear from the Mediterranean basin melded with added facets of bright Bergamot, powdery and earthy Iris and magnificent Jasmine.

An absolute must in sunny climbs is protection from mosquitoes but what if a candle could burn with citronella to ward them off? Lemongrass is known and valued for its tangy coolness as well as its mosquito-repellent properties. Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Lemongrass. So when having a little aperitif or an evening meal outside two new limited edition scented candles could be the ideal accompaniment to summer evenings. The two sizes are set off with touches of flowers to bring a refreshing yet pretty scent to the table

Taking the idea of citronella further diptyque has specially developed a body spray with base essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and lemon eucalyptus, all known for their abilities to repel mosquitoes. Both functional and beautiful, and again softened with floral notes and a closing touch of musk.

Bringing this Mediterranean-inspired collection to a majestic conclusion, diptyque reinvents its famous Vinaigre de toilette, one of the Maison’s first products, in a new olfactory creation crafted exclusively to mark this limited edition celebratory collection.

Think of the lavender fields famous in Provence, then add in some herbaceous elements like rosemary and thyme and this will give you an idea of the final piece in the collection, Vinaigre de Toilette
This spray is fantastically versatile as it can be used from perfuming clothes, to helping the body unwind, beautifying the hair to cleansing your home. A little extra magic included is the sprig of lavender, inserted into every bottle.

Not only are the scents of course amazing, refreshing and evocative, the French artist Matthieu Cossé was invited to create drawings to encapsulate the vision of each product within the summer collection. It just so happens that it is a location Matthieu Cossé loves to portray.

Gentle watercolours caress each product echo the simple, essential qualities of nature, a lightness of touch a masterful stroke of a paintbrush held in his command he depicts the region’s colours and spirit gesture the essence from earthy tones to vivid bright sunshine colours. The painting reflects back, within the image, the scents.

These natural locations, simple and authentic are landscapes where Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, two members of the trio who founded diptyque, loved to recharge their batteries and they also bought back plenty of materials and memories for creations and perfumes.

Another interesting part of the diptyque brand is their new stores. Built on the principles that we all need human connection at the same time as we need to feel safe comfortable and protected. The newest store is based in Eats London 113 commercial road and upon entering one feels as if entering a living space rather than a store.

Located in the heart of East London, the Spitalfields boutique is the largest Diptyque store in London and has been reimagined as a marriage between its Parisian roots and the East London location.

Enter into what looks from the outside like a very East London hub with brick walls and metal stairs yet as you wander through feel like you are in a Parisian apartment and see typical French mosaics which have been designed by an atelier in Paris.

Dotted through are all elements that give off ease of emotion to the store. A herbarium display of East London plants designed by local artist, Lucy Smith, a minimalistic fireplace, as an almost living room-like, sofa area, and locally sourced decorative objects. Of course, see the full brand offering in way of perfumes, candles and homewares collections, placed as though it may be your own home. It is spaces that are this comforting where impeccable service will be delivered as well as the refillable fragrance service.

As the stores now also bring the homewares collection in full it’s worth seeing the newest collaboration which feels very much in keeping with the limited edition collection above. Meet The Artist’s Palette another celebration of all of the joyous shapes and colours of the Mediterranean, so loved by the founders of the brand.

Think ancient Greece, La Provence, Turkish river banks, Italian villas and hills, the outdoor markets of North Africa, and the famous ateliers of Egypt and Libya. These luminous lands, where all three of the originators of dipytique travelled whilst collecting new curiosities.

Opal blue, saffron orange, jade green… colours that echo the delicate mosaics and antique ceramics decorated with ochre and indigo. Just like the impressionist strokes of Matthieu Cossé’s illustrations for the scent here his mastery comes alive in homewares alongside artist Coco Brun.

Think of an ultra-limited series of ceramic platter and pitcher sets imagining the works of both Matisse and Cézanne painting light brush strokes in the south of France and you get the idea of Matthieu’s creations In flawless contradistinction with Matthieu’s creations Coco Brun created a collection of three candle sleeves in Italian leather. These delicate decorations to diptyque’s candles are inspired by antique sculptures and accentuate the iconic oval shape. This line of creations is completed with a vase in coloured Murano glass.

All these limited edition items for summer 2022bring together a complete story of a love of the Mediterranean; from objects to scent. This collection, the natural joy of the Mediterranean: Celebrated and as one founder called the Mediterranean, the “landscape of the soul.

Find out all you need to know at Here or visit the new London store Diptyque, 113 Commercial Street London, E1 6BG

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