Leaving your Signature Behind…

By Baishali Banerjee

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner, travelling will be the essence of celebrating the duo. People travel across countries, continents and even the globe for celebrating and to see their near and dear ones. With so many things in hand and head before boarding the flight, one is always bound to be left in a dilemma with what to carry and what not to! When it comes to packing bags for a holiday or be it visiting family and friends, personal care stuff seems inevitable for most of us. But with the restrictions on items, especially bottles containing fluids to carry on board, it seems impossible to carry our favorite perfumes. Well, from two different brands, French perfumer, Serge Lutens and American fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez added to the trend of the perfect solution in the form of assorted mini packs created to be combined to create your individual signature whenever and wherever you like. To find out more, read Leaving your Signature Behind.

Travelling to a new place always brings the associated joy of discovering new smells. Each place we go to introduces us to new unique smells that filter our conscious or subconscious. Yet we still love the idea of smelling wonderful and leaving a signature of our presence wherever we go, even when not in our homes; our travel destination becomes our temporary home.

Serge Lutens launches the Discovery Collection Noire with a set of four emblematic fragrances, 5ml each, perfect for accompanying you on your travel across the globe. The fragrance discovery set contains: La fille de Berlin 5ml, Nuit de cellophane 5ml, La Vierge de fer 5ml, and Ambre sultan 5ml From Serge Lutens’ Collection Noire Presented in a gift box. The ionic brand brings together key favorites perfect as a travel companion.

Depicting four classic smells, each of which was influenced by a distinct recollection of the perfumer’s history. In contrast to La fille de Berlin, which conjures the snow-covered cobblestones of the Alexanderplatz and an explosive woman whose beauty is as memorable as her strong character, Ambre sultan recalls Lutens’ discovery of Marrakech in 1968 and a piece of amber resin he stumbles upon, buys on impulse, then retrieves three decades later inside a wooden thuja box. Try a few of each fragrance to choose your favorite, or wear them frequently to stay fresh.

After decades of experience in the fashion industry, Serge Lutens, the French perfumer, passionately founded his designer perfume company in 2000. Serge Lutens’ perfume blends rich floral tones with an air of extravagance found in his favourite landmark: the French Palais Royal. It was inspired by art and literature as well as his surroundings in Paris.

The Le Fille de Berlin Eau De Parfum is a unisex oriental floral scent featuring pepper and rose overtones.

Orange bursts adorn the floral scent Nuit de Cellophane. For the modern woman, Nuit de Cellophane brilliantly evokes a fresh, floral scent. Explore a diverse olfactory experience and savour the jasmine, mandarin, and Chinese osmanthus subtleties.

The Ambre Sultan eau de perfume by Serge Lutens has an endearing backstory. Its opulent, spicy aroma was influenced by a piece of amber that Serge Lutens received as a gift on his first visit to Marrakech in 1968. He stored the priceless present in a burr thuya box for a number of years. The two eventually fused into one another, creating this sultan-like scent with herbaceous notes of cistus, benzoin, labdanum, and vanilla.

Another and slightly different way to carry perfume is via a layering set, but again only small amounts are allowed in hand luggage. So Narciso Rodriguez has a great option. A travel layering set, each bottle has two 20ml mini bottles of Pure Musc & For Her EDT as well as Pure Musc & For Her Musc Noire that may be placed together to create your individual trademark whenever and wherever you like.

It is the height of sensuality; it highlights the flowery and leathery aspects of her MUSC NOIR Eau de Parfum for greater individuality. The Narciso Rodriguez For Her small duos makes it simpler than ever to experiment with layering by inviting you to play with fragrance anywhere you want to go.

The cutting-edge on-the-go duos let you customise your scent for her using a quick, sensual ritual. In order to create an enticing, sophisticated perfume, Pure Musc magnifies the rose absolute and jasmine in her eau de toilette to enhance the flowery bouquet. And, in an enigmatic interplay of light and shadow, Pure Musc infuses Musc Noir with light and an ethereal aspect, softening its leathery accord and enhancing its floral notes of heliotrope, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

”Femininity is a balance of self-knowledge, strength of character, confidence, intellect – along with grace and beauty, emotional intelligence, intuition and vulnerability.”

Narciso Rodriguez

To find out more about The Discovery Collection, visit https://www.libertylondon.com/uk/discovery-collection-noire-set-of-four-5ml-000769661.html

To find out more about the Narciso Rodriguez Collection, visit https://www.theperfumeshop.com/narciso-rodriguez/layering-duo-for-her-for-her-musc-noir/eau-de-parfum-gift-set/p/70711EDPGS

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