Let Me Be

By Jo Phillips

We are all being bombarded with things we ‘should’ be doing in way of exercise, eating and general health to skincare tips. It becomes too much and to be fair it’s so complicated that lethargic responses can step in. But what about easily simple less time-consuming and also cleaner approaches? Especially when it comes to skincare. We do love a simple wonder product. Find out more in Let me Be here

Double cleanse, serum, pore minimisers, moisturiser and then another serum, our skin is being overly protected and treated. Our facial skin has a natural 5.5 ph balance so too many products will destroy this delicate harmony.

One other thing that is being talked about now, as well as less layering of products, is also, changing up; working your skin regime in cycles. Different targeted treatments as and when needed rather than everything all the time. Keeping it far more simple and far ‘cleaner’ and gentle for our most important bodily function.

It’s similar in the world of exercise, new research shows that one piece of exercise per week even if it’s dancing or a walking has just as much impact as daily workouts.

Some may have grown up when in their household, Monday was always Spaghetti for dinner while Tuesday was always Shepherd’s pie. It’s the same with skincare.

Alongside key daily routines that are the basics of care, day one could be all about exfoliation say, then day two would be using some kind of retinol treatment. Next now, would come rest days, where the work of products have time to work, as well as the skin has recovery time too. As long as we ensure our delicate skin is protected.

Interestingly this makes space for really important products to play their role more efficiently and effectively. Take for example the Lucent Facial Concentrate from Aesop.

This is a replenishing, lightweight multifaceted daily serum, rich in Vitamin C that replenishes, hydrates and balances with its complex blend of moisturising, conditioning and skin-supportive ingredients.

Vitamins C and B3Skin-balancing Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate help to even the appearance of the skin, while Niacinamide hydrates with barrier-supportive benefits. To ensure it’s still a luxury experience find Rose Petal Essential oil renowned for its divine scent and hydrating qualities

Simply take half a teaspoon and massage into cleansed skin on the face, forehead and neck and then add a moisturiser if needed.

Aesop was established in 1987 in Australia. Widely utilising plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients together, that lives out this philosophy within the design aesthetic in each unique store.

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