Let Them Eat Steak

By Jo Phillips

On the 25th of June, up until the 26th at 7 pm, HIX LIX will present to you two nights of food and drinks called, ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, at the CNB gallery. This is an event that seeks to blur the boundaries between food and art.

steak pic 1

This is the event for meat and food lovers to participate in. This has potentially changed the face of art, making it more edible, delicious and for everyone to enjoy. A three course meal, and drinks will be served on the night, so grab a drink and indulge. For more details check out  http://cocknbullgallery.co.uk/

The Hix Award is an annual prize hosted by Mark Hix’s CNB Gallery in Shoreditch. They are now back for the 3rd year running and they will be accepting applications on the Friday the 1oth of July. This is a chance for a inspiring graduate to broadcast and show off their talent. Their work will be presented to judges Tracy Emin, Mark Hix and Gemma De Cruz. They will decide the winner.

steak pic 3

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