LFW Day 3: Moments

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Day 3 of London Fashion Week the fashion was in full swing. And with more beautiful fashion shows  and presentations held around London we found even more moments this fashion week.

Claire Barrow SS16 presentation was the ultimate combination of fashion, beauty, sound and an art. With Claire’s illustration skills, it was beautiful to see this translated so beautifully into fashion. Hearing and seeing the models interact was Becca’s favourite presentation moment of day 3.
Kabya’s moment of the day was seeing the flawless make-up upon the models faces at the Vinti Andrews presentation. This presentation was also a favourite moment from the day. Tim’s took from the collection candy girly innocent vibes.
Danielle Romeril beautiful presented tropical take on SS16, is filled with greens, pinks, whites and black. The set design did nothing but compliment the collection and seeing this all together was a moment that Anna would never forget. We also had a close friend of .Cent help us make sure we don’t miss a second of fashion week, Corey Poole, and his favourite moment was seeing the shoes that Danielle Romeril created.
Another moment for Becca was having such amazing seats for the KTZ show. Not only was the location perfect for the collection but the set design was amazing. Along side a glittery after party, KTZ showed London how to do punk glam. The glittery fishnets and amazing shoes made this show Becca’s favourite of the week so far!
Anna’s moment for KTZ was scratching the invite to revile the location of the show.
Dani’s moment of the day was seeing not only beautiful designs of the Phoebe English SS16 collection but also the location and the amazing shattered glass on the floor.
Femke moment of the day was seeing the Margaret Howell show first thing in the morning. She described the show as “Simplistic and effortlessly cool!”

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