LFW Moment: Tuesday

By Jo Phillips

The final day of the season gave birth to new designs, trends and of course, ideas. We take a look back on some of our favourite moments from the Tuesday shows.

12325379_10208454863116534_1894312330_n Alexander Lewis, matching print and set design.

12782239_10208454863196536_718506851_n Jo’s moment of the day: Enjoying a nice cup of tea, admiring these cute stickers from the Alexander Lewis presentation.

12784539_10208454861396491_1684234254_nTim and Becca were in ore of the set design at Christopher Raeburn.

12325415_10208454863356540_1734187740_nBecca’s moment of the day: Seeing Claire Barrow walk for Ashley Williams. Then later finding out that herself and Jo, photobombed the image!
Christina’s moment of the days was Xiao Li’s amazing oversised and glittery jumpers, that she secretly wanted to steal from the catwalk!

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