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Think Beach? Think hippies? Think seaside, surfboards, and scuba divers? You well may be thinking of Byron Bay. An internationally-renowned coastal town in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. Find out more in our article Lime-Bright.

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Although it is a popular holiday destination, known for its beaches, surfing, and scuba diving it is also known for its mining of gold and trees (red cedar) as well as for its mossy plains where cattle graze.

A tourist destination but also for the site of new age shops, free-spirited hippies as well as being a tropical enclave and the place where Australian go to meet the sun.

It may not come to mind initially as an inspirational setting for a fragrance but Australian niche perfume brand Goldfield and Banks have created an ode to Byron Bay, in its latest scent called Bohemian Lime.

The story of this Australian niche perfumer is that its fragrances are a celebration of native essences from across this vast land; think sunset on dapple trees, think sea-crashing waves, lush forests, alongside deep wet greenery and dry desserts as old as the earth itself.

All of these facest fused with the French art of perfume making them like the perfect bottled quest of the Australian olfactory experience.

Their newest journey takes us to Byron Bay to the home of the finger lime, not only a very ‘now’ food ingredient but for the first time a scent note. Also known as caviar limes as the tiny ‘balls of juice’ inside the fruit look very like caviar roe. Known for its sharp bright tangery falvour it translates perfetcly into scent

Here the perfume opens up with the brightest fizzing; almost electric in its freshness and gourmand in as much as you have no doubt it is lime, but here unlike in food it is the leaves and the peel that gives the oil that is used in fragrance. The plant itself is a short tree or thorny shrub again not obvious for a note in perfumery.

So melded with this initial punch of brightness sits a herby edge which warms up the cool lime. Corriander with its distinctly spicy, warm, aroma, can have facets all the way from wood and pepper to balsamic undertones or even citrus hints. Here it is the perfect bedfellow for lime.

Next comes vetiver that magical root-like grass, again with multiple facets from earthy and woody to fresh-cut grass drying in the sun. Here in this set up it almost pulls the lime splash, back towards a slightly more grounded scent.

Last come the woods and musks that draw the sexy skin warmth of the fragrance. It is grounding into the skin with its Cedarwood Atlas Morocco and of course Australian Sandalwood.

It opens so brightly like the morning sun on the water, alive alive alive, but be warned this is not just about a bright punchy fragrance its cleverness comes with the rooty middle and woody base that allows the brightness to mellow and meld.

Leaving the skin with a soft herby warmth; yes it starts out citrus and sunny but goes to warmth and woody sexy skin-like finish which makes it utterly delicious.

This is quite simply a stunning scent and slots perfectly in brands’ home, as all their scents are truly unique. As each is a celebration of the mythical land that is Australia. Interesting to note, all of their perfumes have a concentration of + 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions. Never forget perfume wares off a lot quicker in hotter climbs.

Explore all their collection of facest of Australia at the website Goldfield and Banks Here

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