Limited Edition Marvellous

By Jo Phillips

What makes for a gentleman in our modern age? The Oxford Dictionary described in the past them as chivalrous, courteous, or honourable people. Think of words like respect, restraint, and personal responsibility. A gentleman can be seen as well-mannered and knows what is appropriate. Yet the modern ideas of this may well be more varied in interpretation now; These new ideals are being explored via a limited-edition fragrance. Find out more in Limited edition Marvellous

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In a new day and age, this new era of man, with its multifaceted, layered complexity, refreshing modern masculinity is a massive shift from even just ten years ago.

Taking the thoughts of the traditional gentleman in perfumery yet bringing it forward with new facets in 2022 makes for a great exploration of this genre in scent. The cult favourite Mister Marvelous Eau de Parfum from Byredo returns with a limited-edition reissue of the original scent.

This evolution from the original pays homage to the contemporary man with a campaign that explores the many aspects of being marvellous featuring Odell Beckham Junior, a Super Bowl Champion and new father.

“Mister Marvelous was always a project intended to celebrate great character, resilience and creativity.”

Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo

To be this kind of perfumed Marvellous in 2022 is to be multi-dimensional. Three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl LVI champion Odell Beckham Jr. embodies this. As one of the National Football League’s most magnetic stars; an exceptional athlete, a father, and an entrepreneur who is the perfect modern man and face of this new relaunch.

Interestingly, Ben Gorham has lived through a similar path, from being a professional basketball player to becoming an entrepreneur, a husband and a father. He himself is a pretty marvellous character a talented, self-taught perfumer, fashion designer and a surfer.

This scent opens with a brush of brilliant brightness of a classic fragrance via Mandarin Leaves, with Neroli Flowers. A classic opening that goes off-topic as such in its heart. Herbaceous Bamboo, melds with Green Lavender reflecting modernity with the base bringing warmth and spice via black Amber, and white Cedar Wood.

A Woody Aromatic fragrance for men that is refreshingly new that draws in an intriguing mood.  Think of it a little as the evolution and celebration of today the modern man.

A fragrance that surprises and delights as it unfurls, much like the experience of knowing a Marvelous man.

So here, ultimately, this scent pays homage to our modern gent clean-cut, self-assured, exquisite and astonishing. The perfect modern man, one that brings a new facet to the genre.

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