Limited Juice

By Jo Phillips

Lull yourself into a perfect state of deep contentment via the scent of Violet leaves or orange blossom? Our sense of smell is of course probably one of our strongest senses. It takes us on journies and deeply touches our souls. It may be why so many of us love a bottle of scent. Perfume is a little luxury many can turn to lift our spirits. We can pop to the chemist, supermarkets or go online, and buy a popular brand. There are plenty of scents from big internationally renowned brands to designer labels. Yet the most exceptional experiences with perfumes often comes from the niche brands, the smaller brands that use far more unusual, higher levels of ingredients, often creating less commercial, more interesting and dynamic scents. But step it up one level and what about a niche fragrance that is made as a limited edition? making it that little bit more niche? Find more about Limited Juice here.

A call from nature that lifts our spirit, the sprtiz that escapes from the finger presing the top of the bottle; an olfactory explosion. For Ruta Degutyte founder of Art de Parfum this exploaion may we be of the organic smells of the ocean.

Starting with the scent of ambergris or grey amber, a solid, waxy, substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. Of course ambergris has a marine odor, is extremely rare and therefore costly, but highly prized in the world of perfume.

Take this wonderful ingredient and layer it with others for the moments we remember; the sun on salt-kissed skin from a beach holiday. That intimacy of getting close up to a loved one and gently kissing a shoulder, skin soft salty and warm.

This is the story of Ruat’s latest launch Encore Une Fois, a limited edition fragrance utilizing this rare and indulgent ingredient.

Her journey with this scent starts with an opening of spritely bitter citrus via bergamot and orange flower leaves. Think the scented freshness of the sea breeze blowing by a wild wood. The perfumes warms in the middle with violet, incense giving the sense of a light touch of a hand on the skin as the fingers gently caress the warmed back of a loved one after a day out by the sea.

But from there it goes rich with the darkness of the smoky balsams, resins, and sweet, spicy, musky patchouli in the base as well as the now-infamous ambergris, alongside soft cedarwood. Caramel and white musk draw together the sweet sexiness of intimacy.

The magnificence of nature with the power of a lover’s touch is bottled in this limited edition scent named Encore Une Fois, meaning “yet again” the power of both nature and of human love; two addictions we cannot escape.

Art de Parfum is an independent, proudly ethical brand that takes a fresh approach to perfumery and exudes a contemporary French sophistication at every touchpoint.

For a rare opportunity to explore this limited edition see the links below and know that once this batch is finished this unique fragrance will not be made again

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