Limited kinda Guy

By Olivia Ayres

If your man is a one-of-a-kind, these limited edition gift ideas might just be what he is after. Imagine waking up to him jamming to the latest RUN DMC vinyl, or packing for an exciting trip to Norway to experience a unique art exhibition, all he needs is right here.

With many achievements under their belts, including the first hip hop group to achieve a gold record followed by a certified platinum record, RUN DMC are due to release a limited edition vinyl in tribute their late group member, Jason Mizell aka Jam Master Jay. 

Teaming up with music brand 12on12 and LA artist Reena Tolentino, the revolutionary New York group have created an exclusive 12” vinyl double disc package which is limited to 500 hand-numbered editions and embodies the story of RUN DMC’s legacy within the handpicked iconic track-listing, featuring songs that inspired, affected, and changed the ground-breaking group’s music.

The release continues to cement 12on12’s reputation for idiosyncratic vinyl works, living at the intersection of music, fashion, sport, art, visual media and pop culture.

This exciting and meaningful limited edition vinyl is one for RUN DMC and hip hop lovers alike. 

12on12 RUN DMC limited edition vinyl will be released on the 8th of December, be the first one to buy it once it has been released here

If music isn’t your thing, the fashion industry is also doing bigs thing with limited edition products.

First announced in December 2019, Virgil Abloh has joined forces with Japanese designer and Dj 

DJ Nigo® in the Men’s Artistic Director’s first collaboration at Louis Vuitton.

NIGO has created a one-time opportunity fashion collection under the realm of LV, ranging from leather goods to ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories. 

The “LV Made” duck and polar bear that feature on a lot of the designs for this collection, is a nod to Nigo’s own brand ‘Human Made’. 

With the excitement that surrounded this release, it’s surprising that you can still get your hands on the collection, and it’s the bags that have seemed to have made the biggest impression. 

While the shape of Louis Vuitton’s key bags remain the same, the designers have reinvented the appearance, with a new Monogram pattern superimposed over the Damier checks. Which you can shop here.

Alternatively, artists are also going down the collaboration route, and if physical gifts aren’t for him, this one might be. Contemporary artist Tracey Emin has come together with the late expressionism artist Edvard Munch for an extraordinary exhibition, organised by MUNCH, Norway, in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibit will feature more than 25 of Emin’s works including paintings, neons and sculptures that will be displayed along side 19 oils and watercolours taken from MUNCH’s rich collection and archives in Oslo, Norway.

The exhibition ends on 28th February 2021. You can purchase tickets here.

Finally, with a gift as popular as this, it is guaranteed to lighten that special man’s day. No, I am not talking about the PS5, but Creed’s limited edition aftershave bottle!

The House of Creed celebrates a decade of the iconic men’s fragrance, Aventus, with a limited-edition anniversary bottle. Keeping to the original colours of black and silver, but incorporating a one-off logo featuring a measuring tape, relating to to Creed’s tailoring roots, this is a spectacular gift for both, avid buyers of the fragrance, but also those who are new to it.  

“It’s remarkable to me the way Aventus has been received by our family of clients and the industry. We wanted to create a special bottle to celebrate this milestone for both collectors and perhaps share the fragrance with those who are new to the brand”. Olivier Creed, Sixth Generation Master Perfumer of The House of Creed.

With fruity and rich notes, this is sure to please even the Scrooge’s on Christmas day. Buy yours here.

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