Lines Are Fashionable

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

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arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line.
“linear movement”
2. progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential.
“a linear narrative”

For March our monthly theme is Linear, so here we are focusing on how Linear is translated into fashion. Particularly on designers who have used line work, checks, stripes and gingham in their spring-summer 2020 collections. Lines are fashionable for spring-summer 20, a great trend for this summer months, from the catwalk to High street get your fix here.

Palmer//Harding always create beautiful desirable garments with a timeless undertone, and the Spring Summer 20 collection is a perfect example of the Linear trend.

The SS20 collection showcases how wearable the trend can be by contrasting comfortable, more ‘everyday’ fabrics of jersey and knitwear, paired against structured architectural shirts, that have become a signature for the brand.

Linnear, graphic patterns that go in different directions, create depth and contrast. While other pieces in the collection feature line work in a more toned back print showcased via subtle checks and clean pinstripes.

‘Palmer//Harding look to Soviet bus stops which are scattered throughout the old U.S.S.R landscape like forgotten monumental sculptures. These impressive structures, once built as signs of power and optimism, through years of neglect and weathering, have become symbols of a failed system’

Longchamp approach for SS20 was a feminine mixture of pattern, colour and texture clash. This collection is another example of how the Linear trend can be translated into many directions and styles. From the traditional patterns of stripes and line work to colour clashes creating linework via the fabric draping. Styling saw dressing down print, pairing it over a leather jacket, and dressing up print by pairing two separate striped pieces, like a shirt styled with shorts.

‘The solar journey from dawn to dusk is the starting point of Longchamps Spring/Summer 2020 highlight the ide of the Suns movement further, a print of a sundial radiates on a number of styles, as a nod to psychedelic prints of the 70’s’

The Spring-Summer collection from Giambattista Valli showcases Linear in a more stripped back and modern approach, pairing simple checks and line work with natural colours. Linework and check patterns, are obvious ways to translate this trend, but Valli also created subtle line work via the draping of materials, and colour clashes to create a new unique way to showcase the Linear trend.

For Spring Summer 2020 Uniqlo collaborates with J.W Anderson which launched on the 12th March celebrating the nature of true British country side, as well as the first introduction to children’s wear for the brand. The collection focuses on style while being functional. The children’s pieces, are very similar to the adults, just in smaller sizes, showcasing that just because you are small doesn’t mean you can have style. This collection has a huge focus on patchwork and gingham the collection takes a more traditional approach to the Linear trend, whilst staying true to J.W signature style and of course, Uniqlo’s fun approach to fashion.

‘The traditionally inspired collection includes numerous new items, in J.W Anderons’s signature bold hues. Men’s pocketable Parkersburg are updated with on-trend anorak styling, for a gender less look. For women, the line feature patrol dresses and skirts and toe bags with large gingham patterns’

For March and the introduction of Spring 2020 garments, Topshop turns to a bright and neutral colour pallet for the ‘new in’ pieces. In terms of keeping it Linear, like Valli and Longchamp, the linework creates the pattern, in this example, the lines of fringe create a Linear pattern. Another take for Topshop is checks and gingham, a more simple and traction all way to wear the trend. This can be seen on trousers, bucket hats and even textured linework of handbags from the new garments via Topshop.

The Linear trend can been seen in across many multiple collections from H&M, helping you find the perfect style for you whatever your taste of budget. The H&M conscious collection sees the trend portrayed in a more stripped back approach making the trend and the pieces within the collection timeless, using natural and easy materials. While the P.E Nation x H&M pieces see the trend flow through sportswear, in bold block-colour hues and graphic prints. Taking you to the gym, or just at home for comfort truly portraying that this trend is effortless and can be injected into your wardrobe no matter what your lifestyle entails.

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