Liquid Spirituality: Where the Inner and Outer World Intertwine.

By Camilla Iannucci

The delicate journey of introspection starts with the smallest things. Fragile and kind, the art of knowing ourselves lies in many details, sometimes ethereal. Fragments such as sounds, smells, and colours describe the littlest, darkest corners of our essence in an undulating way. Showing us we’re much more than just skin and bones, the newest perfume from Trudon fragrance, Vixi, establishes a conversation between the wearer and its inner, spiritual world. Its essence is more than a symphony of notes. It is a journey for the soul, an aromatic tapestry that weaves together the tangible and the transcendental. Read more on Liquid Spirituality: Where the Inner and Outer World Intertwine.

Main Image: Sangeetha Sadasivan

In modern hectic times, we all look towards ways in which we can ‘connect’. Whether this be with the world around us our friends and family, or even our truest selves. Life is so busy sometimes it becomes very difficult. Especially finding some quiet time to engage with our inner self.

A five-minute beauty routine a 15-minute yoga or meditation session. But what is a squirt of divine fragrance would allow us to connect not just momentarily but also throughout our day?

The latest pefermed elixir from Trudon does just that. It brings a sense of fresh, aromatic, and woody notes. Built as a personal journey to a spiritual connection with the self or the ‘greater energy’ and ‘lightness’.

The nose behind the perfume Emilie Bouge imagined Vixi like a flow of life filled with clarity, an exploration of inner light. A sense of light fills within us that sparks bright when first applied and then there to smell on yourself as the day progresses. Each sniff an explosion a mini blaze of light striking right to the heart.

Vixi features the spiritual strength of Nepalese Sandalwood and the sacred nature of Sage. Along with the freshness of bitter Orange Petitgrain natural oil and the flowery perfume of Jasmine essence. Created by Emilie Bouge, the cocktail of smells boldly motivates and reminds the wearer that light shines inside each person, inundating spaces otherwise forgotten. It offers an inner renaissance, underlining that omnipresent connection between people’s inner world and the outside world. It’s a spiritual rebirth, reminding the wearer they’re a limitless, luminous soul.
The olfactive pyramid sees Cardamom and Natural Italian petitgrain essence at its peak. Followed by the natural essence of Balkan sage and Sandalwood as heart notes, unfolding like petals in bloom giving the fragrance that organic, spiritual edge from within. The base notes linger, grounding the wearer, featuring the tender notes of cedar wood and jasmine.

Described as a “luminous ode of light”, the fragrance turns the spotlight on those hidden, dimmed sides of people that are yet to be explored. As the first mist touches the skin, it carries whispers of ancient rituals and sacred ceremonies. It’s a celebration of the privilege of being human, intended as body and soul, merged. Reflecting on all the aspects of mankind through light and clarity, the fragrance brings the wearer along on a journey towards truth and vulnerability. It inspires people to have an exchange with what’s over the weather. Without fear or judgment, through the scent, the wearer learns of its identity. It understands identity is everywhere and not only limited within the physical body.
It’s as if the very soul has been distilled into fragrant molecules, each one whispering about a self-discovery journey. The perfume becomes a mirror, reflecting the inner landscape where emotions and spirituality intertwine

The bottle is carefully designed to match the aesthetic of the brand. Elegant and delicate, the perfume is a dance of aromas, an ode to the divine, reminding the customers that life is much more than what’s palpable.

Learn more about Trvdon products here.

The product, launched on September 1st 2023, is available in two sizes. 100ml for £193 or 15ml for £39.

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