Live From Milan Design Week 2016

By Adrien Communier

There are a million things going on at Milan Design Week but here at .Cent  we manage to make a quick recap of what we have been looking at and what caught our attention.

Land Rover
Car brand Land Rover displayed the structure of its new convertible Ranger Rover in different color in the streets of Milan. IMG_7221 (1)

Working on the question “what is time”, Citizen gathered hundreds of watch faces and projected light on them, representing the ever changing sacred flow of time. IMG_7212 IMG_7210

In partnership with Laminam, Lattonedil created a brand new ultra-resistant surface made to resist to fire and chemical products. IMG_7204 (1)

If you are nostalgic of your CRT TV, Samsung new SERIF TV is probably for you. Mixing old school style and innovative design, the SERIF TV is definitely one of our favorite from Milan Design Week. IMG_7202

Moooi presented some beautiful pieces at this year’s fair. The Amami Sofa by Lorenza Bozzoli is an elegant sofa made out of velvet with a beautiful rang of fringes. The Perch Light by Umut Yamac, a series of six sculptural abstract lamps. The Direttore Shelves by Paul Cocksedge defies gravity and creates interesting patterns for a total unique bookshelf. IMG_7193 IMG_7185
Yes. This is a grass chair. It is awesome, it is brilliant and we love it. This can actually go inside a house and it is treated, so it will not dry out. This is also available now and not a concept piece.IMG_1075 (1)


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