Liverpool Metro Mayor’s changes can also benefit property investors

By Jo Phillips

 Metro Mayor’s plans

The Metro Mayor’s plans for Liverpool will give property investors from the UK and overseas something to think about. It will spell out what’s ahead for the city region and why it will be an attractive proposition for those looking to invest.

Property investment decisions are not based solely on the property itself, other factors come into play such as: location, how value can be added, and what the wider/surrounding area has to offer. The old adage: location, location, location still rules and remains the most important factor for profitability in property investment. And Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region, has big plans for the city and its surrounding areas showing that it can become ‘the’ location to be part of in the UK.

His proposed ‘10 big changes’ will further boost the region’s profile nationally and internationally. With local people, businesses and property investors set to benefit from the upcoming improvements.

Below image of Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region. Courtesy of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

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Rotheram sees Liverpool city region a driver for economic prosperity and a hub for technological innovation and wants the city to be recognised as a pioneering region. Something that will certainly make Liverpool more appealing and raise the city’s offer as a place to do business in, invest in, live in, and an ideal area to buy or rent a home in. Find out more information and view properties in Liverpool here at RWinvest.

Getting bigger and better globally

Expanding on the region’s global brand is another task Rotheram intends to do. There is no doubt that Liverpool is a global hitter – known internationally – and seen as one of the major cities in the North West.

It’s famous for its docks, its history, the fantastic music (past and present), and its rich cultural diversity. But the Metro Mayor wants more. Amongst his work is key steps to boost the city region’s visitor numbers. This includes a big push in its marketing with an emphasis on attractions and the visitor offer beyond Liverpool as a single city, as it’s much more about the offer of the city region as a whole.


Excellent transport connections on water and land

Through the Mayor’s work the current Fast Tag scheme – a convenient way to travel through Mersey Tunnels – is expected to be made easier and more affordable. A reduction in the cost for consumers who use the service is one of the plans, as is, adding a new ferry for better access across the river.

The scheme will make life easier for those who work and live in the city, and this, alongside Liverpool’s Transport Plan for Growth the city’s ability to create strong modes of transport for land and water seem to be taken care of. This is something that will be warmly received by any current or potential property investor that fully understands how excellent transport links and robust plans for infrastructure is an enabler of growth and the economic success of Liverpool city region.


Internet upscale

On the Metro Mayor’s agenda is the ambition to make Liverpool the most digitally connected region in the UK. He wants to make sure the city can provide the best and fastest connectivity to homes, businesses, universities and schools across Liverpool.

This ambition ties in very nicely with the announcement of telecoms operations, Openreach (owned by BT), which will bring high-speed internet to homes across Merseyside devoting approximately £250m. The project will create dozens of jobs which will include up to 60 apprenticeships and make Liverpool one of the first to be included in the project which will bring 100Mbps internet access to major cities in the UK. To be digitally connected in a must. Tenants want instant access to the internet and the services it provides, which is why the pledge to become the most digitally connected in the UK is the kind of news property investors applaud.


More control. More improvements

When a region has more control over its local services it should follow that local people and businesses see and feel the difference too.

The power of having control of Liverpool city region’s local services is something the Metro Mayor is keen on. He, alongside other Mayors in the north, are asking the government to allow greater devolution of powers to the region in order to gain more control over local services and to increase autonomy from Whitehall. If this can be achieved it should spell good news for the region, as an area with good local services is a place where people are happy to live, work, rent or buy property in.

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