LOEWE 2017 Craft Prize Winner

By Jo Phillips

LOEWE have announced that the winner of the 2017 LOEWE Craft Prize is the “Tree of Life 2” by German born Ernst Gamperl. Gamperl’s work is comprised of large wooden containers made from a massive 300-year old oak tree that was displaced during a storm. This piece was selected as the winning entry amongst 26 finalists that were evaluated by a jury composed of leading world figures.

The LOEWE foundation launched the international LOEWE Craft Prize in 2016 to celebrate artistic merit in craftmanship. It was launched to acknowledge the importance of craft today and recognise the artistic talents that will help shape the future of craftmanship.

The jury also included two special mentions, one was the work of Yoshiaki Kojiro and the other was of Artesanias Panikua as their designs were felt to showcase great thought and a great amount of risk taken as well as showcasing the importance of several different materials.

Ernst Gamperl, Tree of Life 2, Germany, WINNER_opt

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