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By Jo Phillips

The Five Best Finance Events to Attend in London This Year

Even after the deleterious impacts of Brexit on the UK’s trade and geopolitical stature, London remains a global centre for finance. With many multinational banks, global corporations and start-ups calling London home, it is only natural that much of the fintech and private sector financial world’s networking and analysis happens there. 

This means London plays host to many exhibitions and events centred around finance, where ideas are discussed, contemporaries meet and products demonstrated. As someone working in finance, or as a new business owner getting to grips with new methodologies, which finance events should be in your calendar?

Accountex, 10th-11th May

Accountex is one of the most important exhibitions in the finance and accounting calendar. This is a particularly well-subscribed event for good reason, too. Accommodation near the ExCeL Centre in London is sure to fill up, as well over 200 businesses and brands descend on the centre to showcase new technologies, explore challenges to the industry and forge new connections all the while.  there’s also a wide range of resources available for entrepreneurs, event managers, and businesses. Legal support services are an integral part of these resources.

Finance and Accounting Annual Symposium, 15th-16th June

The Finance and Accounting Annual Symposium is hosted by the Westminster Business School, of the University of Westminster, each year. The symposium is a free event, geared towards students and graduates in finance that have an active interest in the academic and theoretical corners of the industry.

Each year carries a different theme and keynote speakers; this year’s theme is ‘Diversity in Finance and Accounting’, and seeks to address the growing import of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in business – and how financial bodies play an indelible part.

Fintech World Forum, 21st-22nd June

The Fintech World Forum is fast becoming one of the more important events in the fintech calendar. With blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency coming to define the shape of the financial technology industry, the Fintech World Forum is a vital resource for discussion and learning. Twenty-five speakers with a range of expertise and experience are set to deliver talks on fintech and the future of banking – discussions with powerful impacts on the world of finance and accounting.

Banking Transformation Summit, 22nd June

The Banking Transformation& Summit is another ExCeL Centre event, this time with a laser focus on the word of banking. As with Accountex, there are set to be tech demos from trailblazers in banking and finance technology, as well as a range of talks and panels featuring over 100 different speakers. This is where the future of banking is discussed, and could be a crucial event to add to your calendar as a result.

CFO Innovation Summit, 7th September

The CFO Innovation Summit takes place on the 7th September, as part of a year-long roster of global events organised by the World Finance Forum. The Summit gathers CFOs and financial directors from some of the world’s most transformational organisations, to put together a networking event and learning opportunity unlike any other. This summit is essential for financial directors and aspiring business leaders, to chart a course through the future of financial and accounting trends.

Attending these finance events can be a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry, network with other professionals and gain new insights. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or simply interested in finance, there are plenty of finance events in London you can choose from.

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