London Fashion Week: Saturday Moments

By Jo Phillips

It’s day 2 of Fashion Week here in London and we have been blown away by the creative collections that have been exhibited thus far. The designers, old and new, have shown their creative potentials and proved that they are striving for the top. It’s also not only the collections that have proved to be genius.. the set design, presentation, venues and special features have also greatly impressed us. Yesterday, brought us sparkles, treats, and all things pretty but what did today bring? Lets find out, here are our top moments for day 2…


Judy WU demonstrated feminine elegance in her presentation. We loved that the garments were hung low from the ceiling as it complemented the loose, ruffled designs that she had created.


Also at Judy WU, we could not resist mentioning these beautiful paint dripped mannequins, they add a pop of colour to the white dress and look artistic.

img_20160917_222239Faustine Steinmetz’s presentation demonstrated her motto of craftsmanship over trends, her collection was filled with creative garments, inventions, combinations such as the crystal shoes seen above.

You can read our moments from yesterday here, and stay tuned for more news from London Fashion Week. In the meantime, if you need some fashion inspiration then head over to our brand new issue where you can find out all of the seasonal trends and more.



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