London Fashion Week; The Trends for Spring Summer Day Two

By Jo Phillips

It’s that time of year with all the international designers presenting their collections. This season for Spring Summer ’24 as ever, London had a crowded schedule so here are a few highlights, Find out more here in London Fashion Week; The Trends for Spring Summer Day Two


THEO is a Ukrainian creative bureau focusing on experimental outerwear with a minimalistic approach to design.
‍Led by Theo Dekan, the Kyiv-based team constructs pieces aimed at erasing boundaries, offering power silhouettes and agender notes, all the while maintaining the effortless attractiveness of everyday clothing.


Malan Breton is a Taiwanese-born fashion designer. He is known for his work as a film, and music video director, as a columnist, costume designer, popular musician, television, film producer, Goodwill Ambassador to Taiwan, Ambassador to UK Parliament / Parliamentary Society, and actor.

UA in Uk

5 young Ukranian brand presented their collections to express their creativity and invincibility despite the difficulties from the war in Ukraine.

Photos: Antonia Kyrylenko/Kosta Ivashyn/Andri Artemiev/Flex Dreams Com.


“222” named after the angel number, capures the essense of “balance” and “harmony.

Natasha Zinko

Natasha Zinko’s SS24 collection delves into humanity’s resilience under difficult circumstances, exploring parallels between historical survival and modern-day obstacles. It’s called “THE CAMP,” and it depicts a cheerful picture of life on the road, with useful compartments and a mix of cargo and motorcycle-inspired components. The collection also defies the norm by wearing underwear as outerwear, with white elastic bands poking out of the outfits. Asymmetrical designs, such as a large garment constructed of men’s underwear, give unusual appeal. Leather monochromatic briefcase bags feature distinctive accents, pushing fashion limits with a new perspective on everyday items.

Ancuta Sarca

Ancuta Sarca’s Spring Summer 2024 collection, “Florii,” is inspired by painters such as Maillol, Seurat, and Sargent, as well as nostalgic childhood recollections. Through repurposed fabrics, gender-fluid patterns, light clothes, and one-of-a-kind accessories, this collection captures the essence of carefree summers. The location, which is the Old Selfridges Hotel, well reflects the mood of the collection. “Florii” by Ancuta Sarca is a blend of nostalgia, ecology, and aesthetic inspiration that offers a season of bright and eco-conscious fashion.

Di Petsa

Di Petsa’s esoteric, immersive show witnessed Venus birthed on the runway, surrounded by swaying dancers, and decked out in the Greek designer’s signature wet-look garments – this time a sensual gold gown that glinted under the glare of the catwalk lights.


DE MARZO launches its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, “Reflections of Innovation,” during London Fashion Week, a moment merging technology, sustainability, and inclusion. Luminescent textiles and biotechnology demonstrate the future of sustainability. The collection, which is rooted in the plushies motif, establishes profound ties with wearers. Inclusion and sustainability are maintained via innovative workmanship and environmentally responsible practises. The runway is studded with one-of-a-kind pieces, and the collection communicates love and empowerment through modern innovation. Music and dancing enhance the emotional effect while representing freedom and beauty.

Photos: Chris Yates/ Chris Yates Media

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