Look Good Work

By Jo Phillips

Six Useful tricks to make you look classy at work


Do you want to look unique and classy at work? After all, you have every right to do so, keeping in mind your personality. To look elegant and classy, you will need to change a few things up front, from the clothes you wear to how you move and talk. It is all about adding some sophistication to your personality and style. Remember, the transition will take time, so be patient and do things to help you change your style. The following tips will help you turn your average looks into classy ones, so get started:

Begin with your hair

It makes sense to start your change from hair. A new hairdo will not only make you look different but will also add class to your personality. If you have little time available, trimming your hair in a new style will do. Just make sure not to go for a full haircut. Instead, have your hair pleasantly cut to make you look dashing. Use shampoo and conditioner to add more shine and bounce to your hair. Shiny hair looks lively. They will add more charm to your personality.

Light makeup will do

As a worker, you are short on time so do what adds more class to your personality. A light makeup goes well for working women. Likewise, it will take little time, and you will be ready to go to work in five minutes at best. Pay attention to your cheeks, eyes, and lips, and light makeup on these will enhance your looks and add more class to it.

Pick a classy outfit

Did you know that every outfit makes a style statement about the person wearing it? If not, now is the time to think about your outfits. Also, note that the outfit you wear adds elegance and makes you look impressive. Pay attention to what you wear at work and invest in dresses that suit your personality. Your dress is your style statement, so pick it wisely. You can look classy without wearing expensive so make sure to choose the dress that goes well with your personality.

Once you are done finding the dress, match it with accessories that could enhance your looks. For instance, wearing rings and bracelets will make your hands noticeable, so find those that match your hands and fit perfectly in your fingers.

Matching footwear all the way

Wear matching shoes with the dress, as it will add class to your looks. Find shoes that match your dress and possibly with the makeup you wear. This will enhance your appearance and will add more class to it. Match the color and style of shoes if you can. Your footwear design should be pleasant but not cheap-looking, which might make it look exaggerated. Spend more time on finding footwear that matches your dresses. Matching footwear can be an expensive endeavor but not for lottery winners who play games at Lottoland website. Lottoland offers multiple options to win large sum of money playing different games.

Every detail matters

Having a refreshing and classy look means that you will be paying attention to every detail about your personality. It is time to be your critic, so do that right away. Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at every detail, from clothes to makeup, jewelry to the shoes you are wearing. Pay attention to your hands and see if the jewelry you wear suits them or not.

Give your hands and feet more care than you usually do. This will make them look nice, soft, and healthy. Smooth and healthy hands are something every woman wants to have, so do the needful and find a manicure-pedicure parlor nearby. Visit the parlor once or twice a week and give your hands and feet regular manicure and pedicure.

Choose your colours wisely

Wearing light or dark colours is entirely up to you, but usually, light colors look classier. Find outfits in light colors and make sure to match them with light jewelry. Wearing heavy jewelry at work is not an option, especially when you have a classy look in mind. Keep in mind that light jewelry will add more class to your looks. Make one or more changes if you feel the need to do so. The idea is to look classy so ensure that you do not settle for anything less than that.


Following the above tips will surely change your looks and style for the better. It is time to look classy, so get started, so read these tips closely and make changes accordingly. Be a style icon at your workplace and let your colleagues appreciate you more.

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