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By Jo Phillips

Tips for Dressing for a Promotion. Have you been working hard at your job for years now and know that a higher-up position has become or will soon be available? Are you keen to nail the impression you give your managers in the coming weeks and wow the leaders or hiring managers in your interview for the role you want? 

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If so, while your behaviour, efforts, and results will be the main determining factor of whether you get promoted or not, it also pays to carefully consider what you wear if you want to show you’re ready for a levelled-up role. 

Act “As If”

It’s wise to dress and move as if you already have the promotion. The saying “fake it till you make it” is famous because it can work wonders. Picture yourself in the role you want to get and think about what you would wear when working in it. How would you carry yourself and see yourself, and how would this affect your dressing and movement choices? Would this change the type of shoes you wear, the colours you pick, or the types of outfits you select for yourself? 

Many people wear bolder, brighter colours such as powerful red or cerulean blue when they feel more confident because they’ve got a promotion. Don’t feel you have to wait to turn heads with your choices, though. Acting confident can help you genuinely become confident, which will help you make a great impression on the leaders within your organization. 

Keep Company Culture in Mind

When you plan out your outfits every week or when you shop for new ones, keep the company culture of your firm in mind. How casual or formal is the general vibe of the business, and what do you see other people, particularly managers, wearing? For example, do employees wear a lot of two- or three-piece suits, collared shirts, dresses, or tops with long sleeves versus short ones? 

Are ties a must, or do most men wear an open-collared shirt? Does anyone wear jeans to the office, or do these seem to be frowned upon? You won’t make as good an impression as you’d like if you wear fairly casual things when your organization has a formal feel and when, perhaps, you need to regularly meet with clients who expect to see a certain level of sophistication. 

On the other hand, if you work for a business with a relaxed, casual vibe, you might come across as too uptight or homogenous when it would be better to appear open, approachable, and laid-back. 

Show Your Personality But Keep Things Reasonably Subtle

Don’t feel you can’t show any personality in your dressing choices, though. Finding a way to stand out subtly can help you become more memorable for all the right reasons. Think about ways to be a little creative in your style without sticking out like a sore thumb. Whether you have a tiny, petite figure, a straight up and down or muscular one, buy plus-size clothing to suit your curvy frame, or land anywhere in between, you should be able to create outfits that help you express who you are without looking inappropriate.

For instance, some people become known for always wearing bright, dangling earrings or vests under their jackets, while others bring a little fun by way of quirky socks or interesting ties. You might always wear fabulous shoes, pastel sweaters, or a scarf. The options are many and varied, so play around with ideas and get some feedback from colleagues, friends, and family members. Always stay true to yourself, though, and don’t try to appropriate a look that doesn’t suit who you are. 

Created Styled Outfits in Advance 

Once you’ve determined the look and feel you’re going for, take some time to create a variety of styled outfits. You might cement five or seven looks in your mind or even take photographs of complete outfits and put them on your closet wall. Determining some complete looks from head to toe will reduce the risk of making a lousy style choice some days because you’re running late and don’t have time to think through your outfit selections. 

These days always seem to happen when you suddenly have a meeting with those you’re particularly trying to impress, of course, so enable yourself to always make the best possible impression by planning and preparing in advance. Many people find it helps to lay out their outfits, including accessories, the night before a workday, so they’re ready to go when they get up and don’t have to contemplate what to put on. 

Other tips to keep in mind when you’re dressing for promotion are to get items tailored, so they fit you beautifully (this instantly elevates any look) and ensure your clothes always wrinkle- and rip-free and your shoes clean. Pay attention to your general grooming, including hair and makeup, and invest in quality accessories. Plus, it pays to have a spare outfit stored at work in case of a food or drink spill. A picture containing indoor, person, window

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Dressing for a promotion takes more time, money, and energy but can certainly pay dividends. You’ll not only make a better impression but feel more confident in yourself, too. 

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