Love Squalane

By Millie Winter

Although we may not want to meet this species face to face, we may still want to ensure the survival of deep-sea sharks because they are dying at a rapid rate. Millions of sharks are being hunted each year for a natural ingredient they produce that the beauty industry is in high demand of. Love Squalane dives into the brand that created a life-restoring change in the production of a high demand ingredient.

Squalene has been classified as a highly effective emollient that skincare brands use to promote natural hydration for the skin. One place that this product can be found is in the liver of deep-sea sharks. Depending on the species, a shark’s liver can comprise up to 20% of its body weight.  Approximately 3,000 sharks are needed to produce a single ton of Squalene. Thus making the cosmetic industry the leading cause for shark hunting. 

Yet we can use this magical ingredient; there is a way to hydrate your dull skin without the harm that comes with using animal-based squalene. 

The skincare brand, Biossance, uses an abundance of natural plant-derived squalene. “Biossance scientists created a renewable, sugarcane-derived version called squalane.”

Through their research, the brand has created a form of the product called ‘squalane’, which is completely plant-based. Through the process of bio-fermentation, “the extraction of energy from carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen,” the brand uses a more sustainable base for their products. 

Their squalane is made from sugarcane, which is a renewable resource, coming from Brazil, where it does not need to be irrigated or harvested.

Biossance may not be the first to develop a plant-based alternative, but, they were the first to produce it from sugarcane. Biossance believes sugarcane derived squalane is more consistent and sustainable.

This hero ingredient is used in every product sold by Biossance. The scientists behind the brand have taken to plant-derived oils to promote the same level of hydration that the cosmetic industry craves.  

 “Squalane is a molecular match for the moisture that’s already a part of human skin, making it an incredibly effective bioidentical hydrator,” according to Biossance. 

This product can be used to naturally hydrate the hair, body, and face. 

So, why is the demand for such products so high? Because it is noted for its ability to be easily absorbed without leaving behind a heavy-feeling residue.

Squalene is the human body’s own equivalent of squalane, however, the amount produced and maintained diminishes as you get older. It is a natural antioxidant that is a component of skin sebum.  Besides being more sustainable, squalane does not clog pores.

Key products in the line include:

  • Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil: Results-driven blend to brighten, firm, and hydrate in one step
  • Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream: Instantly lifts, firms & smooths the look of skin
  • Squalane + Omega Repair Cream: Ultra-hydrating repair cream that improves the appearance of fine lines
  • Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum: 10% lactic acid delivers dramatically smoother, more luminous skin overnight
  • Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum: A targeted 10% vitamin c treatment to brighten and fade dark spots

Due to their scientific research and findings, Biossance has created skincare products that are fitting the cultural demands of the industry while also prioritizing the lives of the shark species. 

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Pictures by Anna Martín.

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