Love The Skin We Are In

By Jo Phillips

Wrapped around the whole of us, covering every part is, as we know, a layer of protection known as our skin. Not in fact a cover, but an organ, that lives and breathes, the largest body organ besides our small intestine. We are well aware of how to give love to our facial skin even our necks and maybe occasionally our rough bits like elbows. But do we really ever dig deep into how to love the covering that is our protector? And did you ever wonder how seaweed may be the perfect partner in the gesture? Find out more in Love The Skin You Are In here.

If we are not sure what are skin is or how to best look after it then do we even know what seaweed is and how it can help our skin? So what is seaweed, more than just something odd we find on the beach during holiday season?

Well for a start seaweed doesn’t even have a formal identification, only that it generally lives in the ocean and is visible to the naked eye. It can encompass both flowering plants submerged in the ocean or larger marine algae. The number of seaweed species is still discussed among scientists, but most likely there are several thousand species.

Seaweed is consumed across the world and many of us will simply think of sushi or soups from Asian cuisines, but closer to our shores it has its very own culinary rites.

Ireland has a long history of seaweed use, which continues to the present day. Amazingly around 40,000 tonnes of seaweed is harvested in Ireland each year.

Rich in vitamins and minerals and is a source of protein and fibre. Health benefits include anti-viral properties, antioxidants as well as possible benefits to heart and gut health.

Catherine Logue an adopted resident of the Emerald Isles, noticed very quickly the connection to the country and its plentiful natural supply of seweed. But along her travels, she also came across pillars of stone with lines etched along their edges.

Rows of notches on stones turned out to be part of an ancient communication system of runes known as Ogham. This Irish alphabet consists of twenty characters formed by parallel strokes on either side of or across a continuous line and was commonly used from the 4th to 10th centuries

After 30 years of global experience in the beauty industry with numerous buying roles in beauty in Australia and Asia, she moved to London to work with a hugely well-renowned beauty brand. But it was love and marriage that took her ultimately to Ireland; she also fell in love with it.

No began her next life venture one tuned to her new home. Her brand Hibernicis came to life only eight months ago with a collection of body products that go deeper than a wash or moisturiser.

Each of the products created has layers to them and all contain seawood as a core staple. This sea plant is packed with vitamins K, B, A, and E, and so helps improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity.

High in Vitamin C, these natural antioxidants promote collagen production which helps plump skin and smooth fine lines and so it also helps skin hydrate and retain moisture.

Starting with the Bath + Shower Gel with its gallic name Glan meaning clean is softly scented with a soft foam too so no over-sud-style bubbles, which means gentle cleaning rather than stripping skin

Find intertwined within this product a whopping seven seaweed extracts that provide anti-oxidant and moisturising properties and help detoxify, clear and tone the skin, aiding in the reduction of cellulite. Leaving the skin soft but without access layers. The addition of natural oils adds to the experience bringing uplifting emotions via zesty Mandarin that is uplifting and detoxifying, earthy green stress reducing Geranium and soft comforting sandalwood.

Next, explore the Body Lotion Athlion meaning replenish has again a blend of seven seaweed extracts, rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, it also helps heal, protect and maintain water balance in the skin. The creams sink very quickly into the skin leaving no greasy layer so clothes can go on almost straight away without worry of transfers.

And as before the included essential oils play a meaningful part with a blend of Rosewater, known to moisturise, calm and balance the skin; alongside Geranium a source of antioxidant Ylang Ylang that encourages the skin to produce its own, much needed, natural oils and Sandalwood that aids in balances emotions.

Skin oils can be quite controversial in this day and age but fear not as the two oils in the collection are both wonderful additions. Firstly the Shower Oil called Solas meaning happiness. An easily applied moisturising option, with a blend of six seaweed extracts, for your body care routine. Filled with nourishing oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega-9 fatty acids, your skin will feel hydrated and soothed. Also find anti-ageing properties, that help heal, protect and maintain water balance in the skin.

Oils here include Rosemary, known to stimulate the brain, Lemon to uplift and bring joyful, vital emotions, Mandarins uplifting and joyful, ideal for the beginning of one’s day with essential oils of Geranium, Rosemary, Lemon and Mandarin to aid the purification of blood and finally Geranium with its tightening and firming properties that also promote circulation and cell renewal.

It also comes in a different sent called Sólás translating to comfort with uplifting Bergamot, anti-inflammatory Lavender stress-reducing floral Ylang Ylang with sandalwood and Mandarin

The Body Oil is called Fluirse is a blend of six seaweed extracts, also rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, they help heal, protect and maintain the important water balance in skin.

Also with the light scent of Lavender for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, properties Frankincense for anti-ageing, tightening, and firming, as well as helping with, ageing spots and scars. Alongside helping to balance PH levels. Ylang Ylang is included to aid in reducing stress and anxiety, and finally, again Geranium with tightening and firming properties, promotes circulation and cell renewal.

If you are a serum fan then you will be pleased to know they have a Body Serum Sioda translating as silk in the range. Containing Sodium Hyaluronate, a water-binding ingredient that penetrates deeply into the skin, soothes and defends against moisture loss. It is highly absorbent and moisturising without the addition of oil.

With a blend of five seaweed extracts that provides anti-oxidant and moisturising properties and helps detoxify, clear and tone the skin, aiding in the reduction of cellulite.

Alongside the seaweed, the serum is supported with the essential oils of the heroine that is Jasmine, bringing with her warming and antidepressant qualities. Known also prevents infections, helps fade scars and calm and finally Neroli, which lifts the spirits and aids dry and mature skin.

Last but not least, don’t forget your hands, so often forgotten and underloved. Here they can be given care via the Hand Cream Cara which is nourishing without any greasy residue.

Blended with seven seaweed extracts, rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, it also helps heal protect and protect the water balance in the skin the lotion also contains Lavender for calming and has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties and Mandarin that aids in purifying the blood and detoxifying the body as well as aiding scars and dull skin.

So products across the range are made up of nourishing ingredients that work on the mind as well as the body. made with the latest in scientific solutions to ensure efficacy and safety and the products at this point contain 95% natural and naturally derived ingredients.

Find on the website not only how to use products, and ingredients but key components and what they actually mean and do, that help move us all away from unnecessary over-complicated formulas with no understanding of what we are actually putting on our delicate skin

Hibernicis takes the beloved ingredient seaweed from Ireland to create body care for our skin that not just helps and does what is needed and beyond but lets us pause, relax, and replenish.

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