By Melinda Aissani

 Two independent sisters: The story of one doing makeup and the other doing perfume. The world’s renowned sisters that make up the brand Huda are coming together with a curated collection of the perfect scent to go with the perfect tonal seasonal collection of make-up; a limited edition shimmer and shine moment.

There is something so extravagant about summertime that brings colours, glitter, and smiling faces. Whether it is a trip to the seaside or dancing at a festival.

Image by Abi Perkins

Well, it’s NOW time to party with, the Huda beauty new collection, released at the beginning of August. The first ever collaborative collection of powerhouse sister duo Huda and Mona Kattan, entitled The Lovefest collection. The new collection combines new must-have Huda Beauty products from Huda Kattan and an addictive perfume from the Kayali collection from Mona Kattan.

Huda Beauty has built a large community in the last few years. The brand was launched by the American beauty blogger, makeup artist, and entrepreneur Huda Kattan. Starting in 2013, Huda and her two sisters started the brand by releasing a collection of false eyelashes. Over the next years, they started releasing new basic beauty products such as liquid lipsticks, lip contour, pencils, eyeshadow palettes etc…

One of the sisters, Mona Monica Kattan, co-founder and global president of Huda Beauty, created in 2018, her own collection of perfumes called Kayali.

The limited edition of make-up and perfume together, entitled the Lovefest Collection, reflects the power of those two sisters. Festival season is here, and Huda Beauty comes with a brand new collection with Kayali entitled the Lovefest Collection just in time.

The collection included the Kayali Burning Cherry, 48 Eau de Parfum. An addictive and intoxicating fragrance, full of hypnotic
signature notes. Conceived with the scents of burning black cherries and raspberries, and accompanied by sweet caramelized praline. The fragrance is mixed with earthy notes of palo santo, guaiac wood, and patchouli which makes this a truly mesmerizing and euphoric fragrance. Ideal to wear it when celebrating your love for life in a gourmand, sensual, spicy and woody way.

Next up, when it comes to the eye, the Obsession Eyeshadow Palette can be used on sunny days and wild nights. Combined with warm-toned and velvety matte tones mixed with metallic colours, all of them are suitable for all skin tones. The palette reflects a perfectly wide variety of party shades and textures. Ideal for day-to-night looks.

Then complete your eyes with the new Life Linner Quick eyeliner, composed of an extreme black colour. An easy-to-apply, one-sided liquid liner, designed for an easy application that gives maximum control, beginners can definitely use it as such as graphic liner pros. On top of that, the eye-liner is waterproof, ophthalmologist tested and this liner has 9 hours of wear.

In terms of lips, the Lovefest collection comes with a limited-edition set of 2 mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks and 2 mini tinted Silk Balms in complementing shades, complete in an irresistibly cute tear and share pack. The lipsticks are vegan-friendly, hydrating, smoothing made with plumping ingredients. Great for dry lips and does not damage them, thanks to moisturiser ingredients. The set contains, shades coloured with rusty muted orange and cherry red.

And finally, two scorching Cream Blushes in an all-new formula. A cherished colour cream blush and a gold colour one that delivers a radiant glow.

So now, by expressing yourself get ready for summertime, and festival fantasies, that will get you dancing from dusk to dawn.

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