Mineral; From the garden to your dressing table

By Jo Phillips

Natural skincare has become increasingly popular as more and more people turn towards a more holistic lifestyle. Despite the rising of new micro-companies, it just takes an exquisite craftsman to create a line of products made from natural ingredients to accommodate every skin type.

Created by a mother and daughter with many years of experience in the beauty industry, Lovegrove encapsulates love and care in their handmade all-natural skincare products that even include adaptogenic elements which help the body adapt to stress.


Tonic Mist

Their tonic mist is one of the top products that has made it into everyone’s handbag must-haves. It provides instant hydration,  boosts elasticity and leave a dewy finish on the skin.

Everyone must be extremely careful of facial mists on the market, as they are products that have direct impact on the skin in the long rum. Lovegrove Essentials’ mist is all-natural and alcohol-free while offering an aromatic blend of floral water tones which clarify and refine all skin types.



Cleansing Balm

Another floral Lovegrove Essentials product that brings nature to your citadel bathroom is the hydrating cleansing balm that efficiently takes the dirt away while preserving hydration.

Apricot oil and shea butter are two essential ingredients to dissolve makeup and boost the skin’s radiance without causing irritations. The additional lemon and geranium essential oils brighten and plump the skin, to achieve a more youthful look.



Nature is full of wonderful hidden gems that make very effective skincare ingredients, and it’s even more appealing when a brand dedicates itself to promote all-natural skincare. The growing awareness of self-care across all sectors opens the public’s eyes to a more holistic lifestyle philosophy.


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