Loving Lips

By Jo Phillips

The big trend in the world of beauty treatments is those products that take the place of surgery. Mouth plumbing naturally achieved is now on the lovely lips of all with Algenist newest treatment. delve in for a touch of loving lips and on loving all others. Photo Harry Stonehill

If you desire a plump and healthy-looking pout with a set of lovely lips then look no further than Liquid Collagen Lip, a vegan-friendly treatment that improves the feel and appearance of lips in just ten days.

The unique dual-phase formula is infused with botanical enhancers and Microalgae Oil to help fill out lips and improve definition, whilst active Plant Collagen works to smooth out fine lines around the mouth for a younger-looking effect. Applied via a cooling ceramic tip for maximum soothing benefits, the lip treatment helps to restore a radiant and youthful smile. There is also the important added bonus of being Vegan and Paraben-free.

Now there is yet another added bonus because as a symbol of Algenist’s commitment to Accomplice to Change, supporting diversity, inclusivity, individuality and equality, the packaging of the Genius Liquid Collagen Lip has been updated to a powerful rainbow ombre.

And, Algenist is in it for the long haul. The updated packaging will live beyond the month of Pride, forever as part of the Genius range to hold themselves accountable and to inspire others to join their pledge to be an accomplice to change. Illuminating inclusivity, the 6 colours of the Pride rainbow are exhibited proudly, each with their own unique symbol:

❤️ red for life
🧡 orange for healing
💛 yellow for sunlight and being oneself
💚 green for nature
💙 blue for serenity
💜 purple for spirit

What Algenist is doing now and going forward:

Celebrate an Annual Diversity Day on June 15 as a company-paid holiday to encourage the team to take action towards progress.

They hire diversely and are committed to intentionally widening their recruiting process to attract more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ talent.

They partner with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators and creatives and are actively broadening their community to share underrepresented voices.

They support local BIPOC and LGBTQ+ businesses through partnership and commerce. They will continue to give this thoughtful presence.

They provide inclusive benefits like parental leave and 1 paid day per month to volunteer, and are now expanding Diversity Training to formalize a program.

Loving lips goes beyond a stunning smile but comes with a hug from the heart too.

Available from Algenist

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