Lush; Adorn Your Walls with Haute Couture

By Jo Phillips

Home is where the heart is, or for some of us where the Wi-Fi connects automatically. Our choices of decoration and interior design brings soul into our homes and plays a significant role in our everyday lives by establishing the relationship between function and aesthetics. It’s safe to say that our homes reflects our lives, personal tastes, and style.

Every object has been invited into your life either by yourself, friends or family members. Some will be useful, some will hold treasured memories and others will simply be decorative. If you spend as much time at home as I do, you will understand that the small well-designed details of each room hold the power to make you indulge in well deserved peace and quiet to ensure your have your own haven away from the hustle and bustle city life.

jpg6_optPhoto Credit: Lelièvre Paris

The term ‘feature wall’ is flung around so effortlessly it can become a bland resolution to ignite visual stimulation into your humble abode. But if you want to create your own personal oasis, why not adorn your walls with the lavish wallpaper collection by Jean Paul Gaultier for Lelièvre for an infusion of timeless glamour! Lelièvre are a French furnishing and fabric house which cultivates tradition and modernity in their designs and have been collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier since 2012. The inspirations Oxydation, Azulejos, Botanique, the renowned marinière stripe and the spirit of Paris are all recognisable areas of expression used by Jean Paul Gaultier and are played out in the motifs of the fabrics and accessories in his remarkable collections with Lelièvre.

JPG PP OUVERTURE_optPhoto Credit: Lelièvre Paris

So far there have been 4 collections of fabrics and accessories developed through the artistry of the collective, but 2017 marks a turning point with the launch of the first wallpaper collection under the name ‘Jean Paul Gaultier by Lelievre’. The wallpaper is produced by European manufacturers using the latest printing technology and will showcase some of Jean Paul Gaultier’s most iconic designs.

jpg5_opt (1)Photo Credit: Lelièvre Paris

Amongst the designs in this striking collection is ‘Horimono’, a discrete but elegant design with a Japanese quality, whereas ‘Vert De Gris’ is the true height of refinement with it’s close association with haute couture. Eclectic and audacious, each of the 15 designs and 42 colours in this glamorous collection is bound to dispel any negative ambiences in your home and awaken your inner fashionista!

“Completing a wardrobe or an interior space requires the same approach… wallpaper is both traditional and innovative at the same time, taking us on a new adventure with Lelievre. We know that they have the same level of craftsmanship as we have in our haute couture fashion!” – Jean Paul Gaultier

jpg5_optPhoto Credit: Lelièvre Paris

To explore and purchase the wallpaper designs, Lelièvre have the full collection available here.

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