Lush; Enjoy a Colourful Cuppa with British Standard Colour Mugs!

By Jo Phillips

British culture is synonymous with tea drinking, it is basically wired into our DNA. But tea is far more than just a drink for us Brits. A humble pastime, a way to divide the day and a legitimate reason to eat as many biscuits as we can as they basically disintegrate once dunked. Whether you are making your morning caffeine fix, enjoying a cup with friends over a slice of cake or even a brew for your partner in a time of crisis, tea is regarded as the elixir of life for many of us around the world.

We even have our favourite mug for a cuppa, it may differ in size, colour, shape, or style, but there is always that one we reach to more than others. Such a sentiment is called the “endowment effect” and helps us forge meaning to inanimate objects. And with tea mugs, the feeling is often amplified, as we use them so often. Our soothing and loyal sidekicks. But why not change your routine and treat yourself to a British Standard Colour mug…


Before Pantone infiltrated our homes with their colour block home-ware range, there was the British Dictionary of Colour Standards. A colour reference with heritage. Initially published in two volumes by the British Colour Council in 1934, the Dictionary of Colour Standards is a collection of hand-dyed silks – each named, numbered, coded, and accompanied with a textile swatch. Frequently used by the British government Dictionary of Colour Standards became the regulator for the official use of colour for items such as uniforms, flags, post-boxes, and battleships. The codes are still used today in a variety of industries and in true British form, can now be found on tea mugs!


Victoria Whitbread and Jackie Piper are the innovative duo behind Designed in Colour and were inspired by the Dictionary of Colour Standards to create a range of bone china mugs (and espresso cups) in an array of traditional yet vivid colours. A true mixture of nostalgia and modernity!

You may find yourself drawn to Union Jack Red, Peacock Green or even Battleship Grey. Regardless of your preference, these mugs make the perfect little gift or are simply an effective way to inject some colour into your tea drinking regime!

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