Lush; Tom Ford ‘Oud Minérale’

By Edena Klimenti

Tom Ford, known for their innovative and ground-breaking perfumes, introduces their new perfume, ‘Oud Minerale’ available from 14th July 2017.

Tom Ford, a brand respected for their attention to detail in every aspect. Oud has been a very popular ingredient in the world of perfume for many years, because of it’s distinctive and unique aroma, it brings together and magnifies other ingredients; creating woody, deep and intriguing scents.

oud minerale

‘Oud Minerale’ is a woody marine Oud, with intriguing ingredients including Seaweed, Pink Peppercorn, Oud Blend, Styrax, Ambergris Accord, and Fir Balsam. The ingredients provide a dimension and depth that is gripping and unusual. Private Blend Oud Minerale paired with rare precious Oud creates the excitement of the ocean through the aroma of the salty sea, merged with burning flames of smoked wood.

The bright pink peppercorn opens the show, with a beam of sea spray, inviting you to embrace the unknown and be adventurous. The salty seaweed warms the heart, with a spellbinding combination of earthy aromas, an element of water, and a woody undertone. Whilst the fir balsam releases unusual, compelling components of the Oud, creating an enchanting beauty of air and salt. The ambergris accord is a flickering light of intricate depths, which pulls us deeper into the earthy wild aquilaria trees. Once combined with the vibrant warmth of styrax, there is a tension that creates a lasting impression, which is daring, adventurous and alluring.

Oud Minerale is contained in dark grey bottle, resembling chess pieces, that match the aroma; the deep and earthy vibe that comes from a long list of intriguing ingredients.

Oud Minerale is available here! Out now!

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