Luxury For Dad

By Jo Phillips

Luxury Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dad

Father’s Day comes but once a year – and yet, it always manages to take us by surprise! Showing your father that you love him is sometimes not the easiest thing to do, but Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to say everything you might have been reticent to say otherwise. And sometimes, the best way to say it is with something magnificent. What quality gifts could you get to say thank you to your father for being there? 

A Dram of the Strong Stuff

While perhaps a stereotypical gift for the ‘man of the house’, it is by no means uncommon for Dads to be fans of the stronger stuff – particularly whiskies. A good glass of whisky could well be the key to your Dad’s heart, and choosing well from the whiskies available in the UK would be a memorable and valuable gift.

Note the spelling ‘whisky’; this is the spelling that denotes a Scottish whisky, and which will lead you to some beautiful choices for your Dad. While bourbon has its merits, a Hebridean whisky cannot be beat. For the peat-lovers, a Talisker 10 is the perfect bottle to bond over; for delicate sensibilities, Bunnahabhain might be the better option.

Something for the Wrist

Of course, your Dad might not be the drinking type. He might simply be an altogether more practical kind of person. In any case, you might turn to another quintessential form of father-friendly gift: the humble wristwatch. Timepieces are not only useful instruments; they can be beautiful ones too – not to mention valuable. Watches are excellent stores of value, which makes used pieces just as viable as brand-new ones. Indeed, what could be better than a watch with a story?

A Practical Accessory

If your Dad is not much of a watch man, you might take the core principle as inspiration for some form of adjacent gift: something practical, that can also be treated as an accessory and serve to remind your Dad of your love for him. A nice wallet would fit the bill here, particularly if personalised or monogrammed in some way.

Another left-field option might be a nice hip-flask – maybe even alongside the nice whisky you picked out earlier. Hip-flasks are more ornamental pieces now than before, but are also a great canvas on which to emboss or engrave a message of your own for your Dad to enjoy.

Something Intangible

The above examples all have something in common: they are physical gifts. But what if you didn’t need to demonstrate your love through the expenditure of money on tangible things? You could instead treat your father to a new experience or event. This could be something as simple as an evening out in town together, or at a gig – or as involved as a week away somewhere warm. It’s always the thought that counts – but thinking laterally about the kinds of things your father might appreciate could reward the two of you.

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