Magic Friday

By Jo Phillips

We are all so excited by the forth-coming holidays, well until we have to deal with bored kids or even husbands and grannies! Well Abracademy is an online platform which teaches magic to ALL ages, through their bespoke magic kits and online tutorials. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained for hours or even the adults, as they perfect the tricks and show them off to friends and family!

There are a selection of courses to choose from, Instant Magician £15.00, Storytellers £25.00, Visual Magic £48.00. You get a kit with the first two that has all the necessary gadgets for the tricks, but with the last you can use everyday things to do the magic tricks with like pens.

The benefits of learning magic are endless – it’s fun and interactive and is a great way of boosting and developing self-confidence and communication skills through the use of play and performance. Magic opens the mind to new possibilities and stimulates critical and creative thinking. The spontaneity and improvisation needed when performing, encourages people to try new things and allows the performer to develop storytelling and showmanship techniques by keeping the audience engaged.


Learn from the Abracademy team, how to build on breathing methods and body language, the insider knowledge that brings the aspiring magician new skills and confidence.

Should your household  need a little extra something to do during the festive period and learn a skill at the same time check out the Abracademy offering.


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