Magic Smells Real

By Jo Phillips

I spray, I smell, I heal. I grow wild, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, I kiss my skin, I am here and now, and finally one for ‘us all’, woo are magic. Breath deep and pull into your soul hits of healing notes, from patchouli via bergamot, deeper still breath in frankincense juniper wood, sandalwood, white Jasmin red rose. A bounty of earthly splendour; all offers their divine fragrance alongside healing qualities. Meet the newest fragrance brand Vyrao a perfume that offers up its divine scents as well as gifting healing alongside. Perfume just became even more powerful. Find out more in Magic Smells Real. Main Image Jason Yates

Alternative ways of healing, personal self-care, wellbeing, reiki and integrative quantum medicine, (founded by healer Louise Mita) combining accent wisdom via Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, Qi Gong, anatomical studies, and quantum theory to ‘unblock’ negative energies are not what we think of when we talk of the birth of a new fragrance line. But magic does actually smell real.

Trend-maker Yasmin Sewell has done exactly that. By studying alternative therapies and healing, she has bought herself to a place of adding her energy, her beauty and her vision to create change; to bring about beauty but with more, because more healing, more beauty and more light are just what the world needs right now.

Poised on a time of massive change, of a shifting paradigm with a world that is in deep suffering, it is creativity that will always be the path towards healing. All good creatives know this; feel it; live it.

So it’s no surprise to find that it took a person with great vision creatively to move the world of perfume on. Meet the newest kid on the block when it comes to scent, but know this is not a small step, but a gigantic shift. This perfume heals as it scents, and this really is new.

Meet perfume brand Vyrao because in a new paradigm we need a new approach, and if covid is an indicator of the change we need then we know we have a way to go. But every step along the way is an important one and often the early steps, and those that create them are the ‘breakthrough magicians’. We can see these creators as our ‘lightworkers’ as such those that go first and lead the way for us to safely follow.

Yasmin Sewell has a background in trend-making and trendsetting and so it’s only right this move is made by her. She has a well-trodden background in retail and consultancy working with the likes of Barneys, Farfetch and Browns, and championing such influential names in fashion such as  Christopher Kane and JW Anderson’s womenswear.  

Like many working in fashion, the buzz somewhat dampened, and having always studied from a more holistic approach, the world of perfume and healing together bought her on her next journey. Working with Louise Mita was part of her sensational move forward. See the two together and understand the connection and power that runs between them both, a double whammy of creativity and healing. It was by working together that the healing perfumes were birthed.

Vyrao is made up of five fragrances that channel energetic healing into each of the scents. Yasmin worked with international superstar perfumer Lyn Harris to create the five fragrances giving Harris a very clear strategic and creative brief.

For Harris, the time felt right to add something more than just a scent to the market but one that’s ingredients could work on the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Words like empowerment, liberation, and magnetism, were very much part of the brief. And we do know the power of plants on our bodies and minds. For example, the simple herb rosemary works wonders for concentration, so why not take this knowledge a whole step forward. After all scent for us is a primal experience and getting back to our instincts is part of the healing process for all.

The final five scents that make up the collection are:-

I am Verdant, a mossy-citrus scent, alive vibrant and so fresh it’s almost like a living plant – transformation, illumination

Magnetic 70, where vetiver meets cedarwood, giving a dry yet creamy skin like velvet scent – attraction, protection

Georgette, a rose, but not just any rose, yes its got a facet of freshness and facet of dark green but its soft and strong all at the same time – self-love

Free 00, all fresh and zingy with Sicilian lemon and mandarin; bright and fizzy, as fresh as cut citrus that will lift your spirits in seconds – liberation, sensuality

Witchy Woo, the best version of patchouli you will ever small because here it blends with rare and deliciously powdery Moroccan orris absolute with deep rose.  It holds witchy magic and as we really know witches are good – courage, creativity

All the ingredients in some form or other actually affect the brain and so do have an impact on not just the limbic system (how our brain works out smell) but the whole body mind and spirit. And it is this that lifts these stunning fragrances (and they are stunning) from wonderful scents you as a perfume lover will want to something any person that loves scent will need to own.

However, if the ingredients used and the magical elixir were not enough the powerful conjunction of Louise Mita and Yasmin Swell is what makes for the absolute cherry on the top. Mita, ‘energetically charged’ five hundred million-year-old Herkimer diamond crystals and one is in each Vyrao bottle.

The wellness and spiritual practice has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is ever-expanding yet it’s hard to find anything grounded and real in such a ‘spacy marketplace’.

Yasmin believes in the voices of many and has brought together a diverse mix of founding partners with a wide breadth of skills. “I want to build a new-age business with new-age principles, entrusting responsibility and authority across the team.”

Potentially these perfumes would not be ready for consumers, but the massive shift we are going through globally is truly affecting every human and changing many peoples ways of approaching life. Suddenly other things feel far more important than “keeping up with the Joneses” We are all now searching for deeper more meaningful connections through this pandemic.’ 

Lastly, it’s good to also know that the formulations are 80% organic and created with 88-89% natural ingredients sourced from Robertet, the world leader in natural, sustainable raw materials. Vyrao packaging is created from 100% recycled and recyclable fibres, its bottles are refillable, ensuring circular use.

The name Vyrao has of course a power too. It derives from the Latin verb, Vireo, which means I am verdant, I am vigorous, I sprout green growth. Going forward this leads the way for the ‘green sprouts’ we all want to see grow, flourish and blossom in our new and better world.

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