Chanel No. 5’s Wonderland

By Ariba Bashir

Down the well she fell, darkness all around, down, down and down she fell until she woke up in a blackened corridor filled with boxes; white with bold black numbers. What was this magical place? Chanel No.5’s Wonderland.

As she fell down the rabbit hole, all she could see was a sense of haze her head was spinning around and around, entering an unknown place. This strange v-shaped space where she landed. What was this mysterious place?

She could see various ‘doors’ in different sizes and shapes. A white v-shaped hallway with black numbers on the ‘doors’, the numbers all shuffled up.

Sitting up, she looked around at this wondrous place. She go up and wandered over and tried to explore area number 17, it was then she understood these numbers were, in fact, drawers.

It was at that moment she smelled a heavenly smell coming out of door number five. Opening it she revealed a bottle, not just any bottle but one so instantly recognizable. A mini bottle of Chanel no5.

Noticing the size of the bottled with the words written 1.5 ml she understood it should have been as small as a jewel in her hand, but it was nearly as big as her, and it was then she understood she had shrunk down in size in this wonderland.

She finally understood; she was standing with an advent calendar from Chanel No5. And the excitement, in addition to curiosity, took her on to explore other drawers.

She kept opening drawers, each gift inside delighting her more than the previous one.

In draw no 11, she found Rouge Allure velvet No.58 in Crimson Red. In 14, she found beautiful Rouge nail colour in Fiery red, in 25, she discovered an irresistible timeless fragrance from Chanel no.5 in 35 ml. In the last draw, number 31, she was amazed by the bracelet adorned with the number 5.

Going back to the first draw no5 to indulge in the delightful scent, she sniffed deeply only to find the fumes made her sleepy yet when she awoke she understood that the scent made her grow like a magical flower back to her normal size.

Looking around she realised she had woken up in her own room and as she looked around her she spied across the room a stunning black and white double-sided advent calendar in black and white from Chanel No 5 her dream just came true, she has one of these rare beautiful jewelled Christmas gifts.

Chanel’s first-ever luxury advent calendar is here for the 100th birthday of its most famous fragrance, No 5. including draws numbered from 5 to 3 each draw contains a gift which includes Makeup, fragrance, while accessories include a ceramic bracelet, tree ornament, and even some keyboard stickers.

Find out more about Chanel Advent Calender here.

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