Re-Vamp; ‘The new beauty rituals’

By Edena Klimenti

Francis Kurkdjian, the french perfumer  known for his luxurious and timeless perfume collections, and also for creating some of the most well known perfumes in the world include scents for brands like  Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab,  Burberry and Nina Ricci. His most famous scent, ‘La male’ (and the perfume that broke him into the world of perfume) is still one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s best selling perfumes today. However as a creator who pushes more boundaries more than most its not surprising to see him bringing something new, fresh and of course dynamic to his own brand.


Introducing ‘the new beauty rituals‘ aimed at pampering the body and hair. ‘A la rose’ ‘Amyris Femme’ and ‘Aqua Universalis’ are three captivating perfume sets aiming to treat your hair and skin through luxurious body oils and uplifting, light hair mists. The body mists are graceful and fresh, using captivating ingredients, mixing florals and musks with zest for enchanting results.


‘A la rose, the ode to femininity’

A la rose, the ode to femininity, is just that, an ode to femininity. It is bursting with florals and radiance through Damascena and Centifolia roses, combined with violet and magnolia blossoms, subtly warmed by cedar wood and musk; leaving a delicate, light touch to your skin and hair. The beautifully delicate roses leave a floral aroma that captures the natural essence of your skin and hair; enhancing it with bursts of freshness. ‘A la rose’ is also available in Eau da perfum and scented shower gels and body creams.


‘Amyris Femme, the effortless elegance’

 Amyris Femme will add an adventurous boost to your Parisian look, as the aroma is elegant and impulsive. A celebration of lemon and orange blossom form California, set alight by an amber-musk. This enchanting scent will leave you with a striking zesty aroma, bringing together floral beauty and an intriguing aura; appropriate for any occasion. ‘Amyris’ is also available in Eau da perfume and scented body creams.


‘Aqua Universalis, the aura of freshness’

 Aqua Universalis is a breath of fresh air with its cheerful, light scent. A bouquet of lilies of the valley, paired with sweet mock orange and musky woods; this scent will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed. ‘Aqua Universalis’ is also available in Eau da toilette, Eua da perfum, scented body cream, and a scented shower gel.

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